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The Fairy Pets are magical creatures introduced in Season 4.


After Flora brought discarded toys to life and gave them wings, the Winx opened Love & Pet and a corresponding website and started to give Fairy Pets to Gardenia in order to bring magic back to Earth.

Love & Pet Animals



Ginger, Elvis, Fiona, Vob, Chloe, Gino

  • Ginger - Ginger is Stella's pet. She is a female pink poodle with purple eyes, a green bow pulling back her hair and two hot pink heart-shaped hair ties around her ears. She is very pampered and loves new outfits much like Stella. Like Milly, she also fights for Kiko's attention. She plays guitar.
  • Elvis - male poodle, plays drums.
  • Fiona - female dog, plays guitar
  • Vob - male dog, plays guitar
  • Chloe - female dalmatian, sings
  • Gino - male dalmatian, plays keyboard


Belle, Tim, Doris, Helms, Zoe, Milo

  • Belle - Belle is Bloom's pet. She is a white lamb with orange/yellow eyes and green hair with two red bow ties on each side. She loves adventure and always tries to make fun out of everything.
  • Tim - male lamb
  • Doris - female pig
  • Rudy - male pig
  • Zoe - female cow
  • Milo - male cow


Pepe, Lola, Frida, Toto, Mimi, Bruno

  • Pepe - Pepe is Musa's pet. He is a small brown teddy bear with big blue eyes and pink ears. He really likes to dance, but sometimes eats a little too much!
  • Lola - female bear
  • Frida - female chipmunk
  • Toto - male chipmunk
  • Mimi - female hedgehog
  • Bruno - male hedgehog


Coco, Eric, Rosa, Jeremy, Lily, Tony

  • Coco - Coco is Flora's pet. She is a pink cat with green eyes, hot pink hair and a green headband with white flowers. Like Flora, she loves plants and lots of cuddling with those around her.
  • Eric - Male cat
  • Rosa - female furry cat
  • Jeremy - male furry cat
  • Lily - female green cat
  • Tony - male green cat

  • Chicko - Chicko is Tecna's pet. She is a small yellow duckling with orange eyes and a small hairband on top of her head that ties together three little hairs. She is very much into video games and technology just like Tecna, but also loves to play.
  • Milly - Milly is Aisha's pet. She is a white bunny with light pink hair, blue eyes and two orange hair ties on her ears with yellow flowers on each. She enjoys working out and fights for the attention of Kiko.
  • Paloo - Pallo is a turtle with a red bandana.


Season 4


The pets being brought to life.

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