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Mr. Fantasy is a character that is exclusive to the comic series. He only appears in Issue 39: The King of Rock as an overbearing and controlling manager to the rock star, Destiny Boy.


He has fair skin, orange hair, and a mustache. His eye are a light gray. He wears a orange and yellow shirt with a red pattern, and yellow buttons.


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#39: The King of Rock

Before he makes his physical appearance, Destiny Boy tells the Winx that he is being held a prisoner of his own success by his manager and that he tried to run away in order to escape Mr. Fantasy's influence. Destiny Boy further explains that Mr. Fantasy completely runs his life down to what he wears and even how he should talk; resulting in his cocky showstar persona. Mr. Fantasy is also the cause of Destiny Boy barely having any money for himself as he makes him spend it all on absurdly expensive things to keep up the rockstar image.

King of Rock p27

Mr. Fantasy's helicopter arrives.

Soon enough, Mr. Fantasy is able to find Destiny Boy on his helicopter and, after it lands, he scolds Destiny Boy for running away as it will be costing him money. Though the Winx are responsible for saving Destiny Boy's life, Mr. Fantasy still believes that they have no right to get involved in their business and he pulls Destiny Boy over to discuss a plan he just came up with. He tells Destiny Boy that he plans to fake a kidnapping so that Destiny Boy could gain a massive amount of publicity to make up for all of the concerts he skipped out on. Destiny Boy is obviously reluctant but Mr. Fantasy tells him to just do what he says as they board his helicopter. Little does he know is that, thanks to Stella, the Winx were able to hear his entire plan. Unfortunately, Mr. Fantasy's fake kidnapping plan backfires on him as now no one knows of Destiny Boy's whereabouts.

Later that evening, after the Winx manage to find and rescue Destiny Boy with help from their bonded pixies, the girls catch a news reports about Destiny Boy firing Mr. Fantasy.

The next day, Mr. Fantasy confronts the Winx at the pavilion for getting him fired and he is not convinced by their claims. As he is about to threaten Bloom, he notices Brandon finishing his performance and offers to meet with Brandon tomorrow. His offer is rejected as Brandon has no interest in becoming a rock star and, just then, Mr. Fantasy is arrested by two police officers who were tracking him. Due to the kidnappers' confession, they found out that Mr. Fantasy was a direct accomplice in the kidnapping and so Mr. Fantasy is escorted out of the pavilion by the two police officers.


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