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Emerald 3
The Fantasy Emerald is the first necessary item to lock the Legendarium. It is a spherical emerald, which is located at the Occulta. It is a treasure held by the Zombie Pirates.


The emerald is circular, green and slightly transparent. In the Legendarium World, it is much larger than Bloom's hand while back in the real world, it is the same size as her hand and has a golden rim around it.


Season 6

In "Mystery of Calavera", the Winx go to Calavera Island to find the Fantasy Emerald. They go to Bahamundo Cave and ready travel to the Legendarium World. But then Eldora teleports in to see them off. However, she gives them all fair warning not to stay there for too long or they could risk getting trapped there forever before teleporting away. The guys see the girls off, telling them to hurry back as soon as possible. The Winx go Mythix and enter the Legendarium World. Unlike last time, they find themselves on a ghost pirate ship, the Occulta. They were surprised with the appearance of the Trix. They had no time to wonder how they got there as a fight breaks out. As it escalates, both parties became shocked when the Pirate Zombies of the Occulta emerge.

In "Zombie Invasion", A fight breaks out between the Winx, the Trix, and now the Pirate Zombies in a three-way battle. While the Winx fight, Bloom goes off to search for the Fantasy Emerald. She gets pursued by Icy, then stopped by Eldora, who warns Bloom that her time limit is almost up before disappearing. Icy regroups with Darcy and Stormy, telling them about the time limit, then quickly leave. Bloom continues to frantically search for the Fantasy Emerald before their time limit is up. After a few moments of searching, Bloom notices a big emerald embedded in the ship's bow. Plucking it out, she regroups with the rest of the Winx and they teleport out, crashing onto the cavern ground. Eldora teleports in to congratulate the girls on a job well done before porting out again.


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