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Fearwood is a village located in Canada on Earth.


Fearwood is a lost village in Canada. Just outside the village is a glade, where the mythical, magic totem should be found. There, people were said to be entrapped by a curse that brought their lives to fear and misery. Since it is a part of Canada, it has a freezing temperature.

The Curse of Fearwood

It was said that every time the sun sets and the moon rises, some of the villagers are unwillingly turned into Werewolves, an ability on which no-one has control it. Because of this curse, there were only two possible ways of breaking it. The first one is sunrise, which only temporarily undoes the spell. The second one is the magic of the totem, which can completely destroy the curse. When the totem was put into the Legendarium World by Acheron, the curse was brought to light again and redid the whole curse.

The Magic Totem

Main article: Magic Totem

It is a mystical totem, found in the glade of Fearwood Forest. The inhabitants of Fearwood Village used the magic of the totem to protect themselves from Werewolves. Only its magic has the ability to undo the curse and turn the villagers back from their werewolf form to their true forms. Since it has the Silver Spear on it, and Werewolves are afraid of silver, it was effective against them. Like the Fantasy Emerald, it is rooted in legend, which is the reason why it can be found in the Legendarium World.


Season 6

In "The Curse of Fearwood," The Winx go to Fearwood to find the Silver Spear, so they can forge it with the emerald. Learning more about the curse, the Winx find out that the Magic Totem is just in a clearing. Before they could get there, Selina brings back the curse of Fearwood to the villagers, turning them to Werewolves. Trying her best to stop Helia, Icy freezes him and leaves Fearwood. Flora goes too to the Legendarium World to defeat Icy and bring back Helia while the Winx, Specialists, Paladins and Daphne try their best to stop the Werewolves without hurting them.

In "The Magic Totem," Flora brought back the totem into the Canada's Fearwood Forest and break the Werewolves curse. Later, Icy follows Flora into the real world and froze Fearwood over, but Flora uses one of her unique spells to reverse Icy's spell on Fearwood, on Helia and to defeat her.


  • The village of Fearwood may have had an earlier appearance in the comics as Shady Hill, an area very similar to Fearwood was the setting of Issue 91. Both areas housed werewolves and have a mystical totem in their centers.
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