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Fearwood Forest
The Fearwood Forest is a forest in Canada, Earth introduced in Season 6.


The Fearwood Forest is a forest found in Canada. There is a clearing within it, where the Magic Totem was found, according to legend. There is also a lost village near it called Fearwood, where its people were said to be cursed a long time ago. Only the magic of the Totem can stop the curse of the werewolves. Because of the curse, no one risks their lives to go out once the sun sets.


According to Selina, Fearwood Forest was cursed a long time ago. It was said that every one in Fearwood are forced to turn into werewolves once the sun sets down and the moon rises up.


Season 6

In "The Curse of Fearwood," the Winx go to Fearwood to find the Silver Spear, so they can forge it with the Fantasy Emerald. Learning more about the curse, the Winx find out that the Magic Totem is just in a clearing. Before they could get there, Selina brings back the curse of Fearwood to the villagers, turning them to Werewolves. Trying her best to stop Helia, Icy freezes him and leaves Fearwood. Flora goes too to the Legendarium World to defeat Icy and bring back Helia while the Winx, Specialists, Paladins, and Daphne try their best to stop the Werewolves without hurting them.

In "The Magic Totem," Flora brings the totem into Fearwood Forest and breaks the werewolves’ curse.

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