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The Field Distortion Device is a technomagic device owned by Tecna.


The Field Distortion Device, as the name suggests, is used to distort energy fields and create a breach big enough for people to pass through. Once applied to the energy field, the device allows thirty seconds until the distortion stops.


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The Field Distortion Device is a hemisphere with five spikes attached. The main body is light green with dark green accents and yellow trim. There is a yellow shape atop the device. When activated, a panel opens revealing a screen with dark green trim surrounded by a yellow-green area displaying a thirty seconds countdown. The screen shape matches the shape of the panel. The bottom of the device is dark green with yellow circles.


Season 3

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Digit placing the device.

In "The Heart and The Sword," the device is used to create a hole in Alfea's protective shield so that Bloom, Stella, Flora, and Musa may pass through it on their way back from Eraklyon Royal Palace.

In "Fury!," the Winx use the device to breach a hole in the protective shield in order to sneak out to Cloud Tower.


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