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The Fire Eaters are legendary creatures of Domino.


They live in the Vortex of Flames, which is a place to test the Dragon Flame keepers. Since Selina invoked them and use their "spark" to cause terror that they craved, they must have wanted to get out from the vortex to cause chaos for a long time, which was also must be the reason why they have shackles on their wrists.

In the Vortex of Flames live the Fire Eaters.


The Fire Eaters look like large dark grey lions with yellow eyes, dark red manes and tufts of dark red fur on their thighs and legs. They have very large claws. walk on their hind legs and have no tails. They look like humans with their muscle bodies. They wear ancient Greek/Roman inspired golden armor like those of gladiators. They have golden shackles and chains on their forearms.


Season 6

In "Vortex of Flames", Selina summoned them to attack Bloom and everybody at the party in Domino. However, Bloom earned her Bloomix and defeated them.

Magical Abilities

They attack with their claws such as scratching. They are also extremely durable, which was why attacks are ineffective to them. 


According to Daphne, the Fire Eaters are creatures from the Vortex of Flames in Domino with a legendary, extreme durability, but they also have one weakness: The power of the Vortex of Flames itself.



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