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Fixit is a PopPixie character. He is a friend of Digit.


Fixit has light completion, periwinkle hair with side bangs and cut in shoulder length and brown eyes.


His civilian outfit consist of a blue overall, orange vest/shirt with a yellow long sleeved shirt beneath it, orange boots and a small blue scarf on his neck.

PopPixie Form

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Fixit has the highest authority for "Techno Magic", which he uses to make incredible toys. Fixit, is very much into science with a real thirst for knowledge. He provides good information to his friends, as pixies can count on him when they want an idea, an infallible plan or error-proof project.


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In “Green Attack,” as Pam is cutting the tree leaves, the leaves fall over Fixit and Chatta, leaving him furious that Pam ruined that party.

In "A Pixie Fish", Fixit, Lockette, Chatta and Livy helps Amore reach the colored waters of the Seven Streams to transforming her back from a fish to her pixie form just before her date.

In "A Robot for Chatta," for Chatta's birthday, Fixit builds for her a Pixiebot, a robot programmed to carry out any of Chatta's orders. When the villagers learn of the Pixiebot everybody wants one, but the situation runs amok when the elves take control of the Pixiebots. Fixit agrees to a deal that sells his Pixiebots in one store but learns that his MagicPop allows him to duplicate them in seconds.

In "Save the Bumble Monkeys," when Chatta asks him, Fixit answers that he knows nothing about bumble monkeys and goes to the safari with her. With the help of Fixit's technology, Chatta's allergic reaction to the monkeys was camouflaged so she could go to Justin Nimble's concert.

In "My Best Friend," Plasto helps Fixit in fighting malfunctioning robots.

Magical Abilities

Fixit's MagicPop

His MagicPop gives him extraordinary intelligence which he uses for unique inventions which combines Magic and Techno Magic. In action, he build devices to resolve any problem while in his daily life he uses his MagicPop power to make exciting modern toys. His desire to understand how things work makes Fixit very careful and sensitive to the problems of the world around him.


  • His name probably comes from the sentence "Fix it!" when talking about repairing a broken object.