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Flitter is a Techsquirrel and is Tecna's bonded Fairy Animal.


He is a Techsquirrel with brown eyes, blue nose, lime ears and purple coat. The coat on his belly is light green and the one on his legs is violet. The fur on his ears is on a gradient from blue to white. There are electronic circuit-like details on his head and tail. He wears a pair of small, golden googles on her head.

In this form, Flitter becomes bigger. he looks like a mix of horse, flying squirrel and monkey. His fur gets longer. The loose skin spread between the arms and legs are now visible; it is translucent and stays in a lime shade. There are lime locks of hair on his ear and light violet lock of hair on his tail. He now has a big yellow mane around his neck and he wears a gold neckwear decorated with purple gems. There are lime gems on his forehead. On his arms and legs are gold armwears and footwears. There is a magenta saddle with gold trim on his back.


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