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Flora is the Fairy of Nature. She hails from Linphea, where she currently acts as its Guardian Fairy. She is Helia's girlfriend. The team usually relies on her for potions and magic advice. Flora is one of the founding members of the Winx Club, being the third Winx girl introduced after Bloom and Stella, and is an alumna/student of the Alfea College for Fairies as of The Secret of the Lost Kingdom.


Flora is a young tan-skinned girl with long light-brown hair that has bangs framing on either side of her face where it has visible blonde streaks with a single small hair strand sticking up (it is sometimes unseen in both her civilian and fairy forms) and narrow green-jade eyes.


Winx Club

  • For Season 1 and most of Season 2, Flora wears a bright yellowish-green off-the-shoulder smock top with puffy short sleeves that bares her midriff and belly, a pink wrap miniskirt with little slits on both sides and with strawberry patterns of a darker shade with a thin yellow belt that hangs midway down the skirt, two sets of yellow bangle bracelets on each arm (in some occasions, she wears two purple bangles and a yellow green set too), and pink platform sandals with fuchsia-colored flowers by her ankles. She also wears large golden hoop earrings.
  • For Seasons 2 and 3, Flora wears a pink short-sleeved shirt with a darker pink trim and puffy sleeves with dark pink polka dots, a fuchsia sash over a layered red skirt with maroon shorts underneath, pink knee-high socks and red platform shoes to match her skirt. She retains her large golden hoop earrings and also wears a green choker tied neatly around her neck with a bow, as well as two bead bracelets around her right wrist; one green and one pink.
  • For Season 4, Flora wears a small pink sundress with lime-green straps, a matching lime-green ribbon that wraps around her waist just below her chest, and a floral print that makes up most of her dress and comes in white, green, yellow, pink and fuchsia. She also wears green platform heels that are secured to her feet by pastel pink ribbons.
  • For Season 5, Flora's hair is now tied up into a ponytail by a pink headband with a bright green bow. She wears a pink, soft jagged-edged, sleeveless shirt with a grass green vest, as well as a sharp-edged layered skirt that alternates between pink with white trim and fuschia with green trim all topped by a pink belt with a square silver buckle, and knee-high fuchsia-colored boots with lime edge socks and green high heels.
  • For Season 6, Flora's hair remains tied up into a ponytail much like her appearance in the previous season, but she has pieces of hair held up with a big pink bow that leans more towards her right side instead. She wears a small royal blue coat/vest with a starry plaid pattern over a white dress shirt; the collar possessing a black tie wrapped around it neatly, ending in a bow. She also wears a pink skirt with a small blue bow on the waist, purple and pink striped leggings and light blue heels with black bows on the toes. She also wears a small starry bracelet around her left wrist.
  • For Season 7, Flora's hair is no longer tied up and she wears a pastel green headband. She wears a green short-sleeved wool top with dark blue trim over a pale pink button-up dress shirt with a dark blue tie accompanied by a pink flower pin worn around the collar, a pink skirt with a dark blue plaid pattern and trim, green socks that are partially folded over to keep them at knee-high length, and dark blue shoes with pink soles, laces and a pink and dark blue plaid pattern on the front to match with her skirt. Her dress shirt is also only half-tucked into her skirt.
  • For Season 8, Flora keeps her hair down (similar to her appearance in the prior season as well as the first four except that she appears to no longer have the small hair strand) where she wears a lilac-colored headband that has a purple layered flower on the left side. She wears a lilac-colored shawl decorated with a white floral pattern over a long-sleeved, fuchsia-colored shirt almost long enough to be considered as a dress, which ends in a pastel pink skirt and pale pink ruffles at her sleeves. She also wears pastel blue, knee-high socks with a white lace trim and brown boots with the same white lace trim and faux-fur around her ankles.

World of Winx

Flora's civilian look for both seasons of World of Winx consists of a small short-sleeved light blue hoodie with lighter blue flowers across the chest worn over a white dress shirt, a skirt in various shades of pink and white, sparkly silver leggings and strapply pink heels. She also wears six different bracelets on her right wrist and always has one long strand of hair hang off the right side of her face that often rests on her right shoulder. Occasionally, she can be seen sporting a small, square pink handbag/purse.

Fairy Forms

As the self-proclaimed Fairy of Nature, many of Flora's Fairy Forms retain a flowery theme to them; namely that of a pink rose. While pink stands as the signature color of Flora's various forms with green as an accent, some forms have the colors reversed with green as the primary color and pink as its accent.


Flora is shown to be a very calm, soft-spoken, caring, sweet, shy and genuine girl who loves plants and vegetation of all kinds. Being interested in experimenting with her plants, Flora became the potion master of the group who specializes in brewing and creating remedies and medicines from the uses of her magical plants. Due to her gentle and caring personality, Flora is strongly connected to nature and loves helping people. She is shown to have a sensitive personality to the point where she would instinctively care for her friends as well as her plants when they are in distress.

Flora is the most mature member of the Winx as she possesses a deep sense of love, peace, happiness and tranquility. However, it is shown that Flora has an insecure side to her personality as she would have problems believing in herself at times. Her insecurity would sometimes cause her to hide most of her feelings to the point where she would have problems expressing them. Flora is one of the most diligent student at Alfea and is cautious of her actions. Although she has a kind-hearted side, she at times gets very angry at her enemies which can cause her to act quickly and show a more aggressive side of herself. This is seen a few times throughout the series.

As an older sister, she is shown to be quite overprotective who often forgets that people do mature and can protect themselves. Miele often has to deal with this side of Flora whenever the latter suspects a mission to be too dangerous. In this case, Flora has demonstrated some level of ignorance as this attitude tends to hurt Miele's feelings.

Magical Abilities

Winx Club

Flora being empowered by the forest.

Flora, as the Fairy of Nature, has nature-based powers. Flora's strength relies on her surrounding environment. If she is in a dark area, her power is weakened, but if she is surrounded by nature, she can maintain her strength much easier. Flora can create binding vines and walls of vines, as well as blasts of flowers and pollen, either as offensive attacks or a diversion. She can also control forests and manipulate the earth and its energy. Flora is able to hear the voice of nature speaking to her, more so than in an instinctive manner that all Alfea Fairies are taught. Rather, she is able to use her magic to listen to the voice of the forest. This skill has also proven to be a disadvantage at times, as the destruction of nearby nature will cause excruciating pain to her and weaken her own self and her ability to focus her magic properly, even her flight.

Flora can also create huge vine barriers to trap her enemy or protect those surrounded by it. Flora has shown developed abilities of controlling the forces of nature such as controlling the seasons, feel the emotions of the surrounding environment and even summon animals (Mission at Cloudtower). She can talk to plants, bring them to life, help them grow, and nurture them when they are sick. Other related abilities are generating plant-based foods, altering the growth pattern of plants and establishing a bond with the surrounding environment.

07 The Lost Library 28936.jpg

Flora in terms of elemental power represents earth which she displays by setting off earthquakes and smashing a boulder with her mind. Her source of power is life itself as she has been seen giving life to inanimate objects such as when she used her magic to turn the Fairy Pets into living creatures. She also has a connection with the air being capable of summoning powerful breezes, using plants to absorb smoke and produce oxygen, and producing fragrances that can be used to repeal an enemy or calm them down seen in Stella's Big Party and Mission for the Prime Stars. Flora has developed the ability to physically heal other beings mostly after they have experienced a recent trauma. Her magic is green in color.

Like all magical beings Flora can utilizes magical energy based attacks and defenses. She also knows some basic first-level spells, such as telekinesis, transmuting objects and fixing minor messes. Flora is shown to be gifted with potion brewing as she was able to come up with a reversal elixir to undo the Treants.

World of Winx

Flora still maintains her status as the Fairy of Nature and thus, retains her nature-based oriented powers and draws power from the nature of her surroundings. She can conjure up vines to bind her enemies, which is even a specialty of hers granted by her Dreamix powers, rescue others if necessary, and release blasts of flower petals. However, her powers seem much more limited as, more often than not, her vines will fail to keep an enemy restricted.

Flora gaining information through plants

As a nature fairy, Flora can directly communicate with various plants and she showcases this ability numerous times like when searching for the Crocodile Man and Yu in multiple episodes or by communicating with forest spirits. Her powers are further amplified upon gaining Onyrix, as she is granted the ability to travel through the shared root system of plants from one place to another. She also has the ability to sense living aspects of her surroundings more so than any of the Winx as she was able to discern the cave of the Enchanted Swamp was a living creature in the episode "The Alligator Man." Additionally, through the use of her special Onyrix Power, Flora is capable of restoring any damaged nature back to the time when it was more glorious and healthy. Flora still maintains her control over plants mainly by manipulating vines, but she is also capable of seeing through the point of view of plants, control forests more specifically calling forth branches as well as intense winds, and capable of conjuring food(mainly fruits and vegetables). She displays the ability to shoot green energy beams in The Alligator Man.

However, being so heavily connected to nature as she is comes at a price, as Flora can be heavily injured if she is unable to connect with the surrounding nature due to it dying or already being dead. As shown in the episode "A Flower in the Snow," Flora experiences internal pain at the loss of any surrounding nature and gets severely weakened from it, even to the point of being rendered powerless unless the nature is brought back.

Additionally, it is revealed in the first episode of the second season that the Winx's powers, Flora's included, are generated from dreams and thus, are closely linked with the World of Dreams. According to the Spirit of the World of Dreams, the Winx would lose their fairy magic should the World of Dreams fall into ruin.

Uses of Magic

  • "Dancing smoke, out of my hands. New life invoke, obey my commands." - Used to revert Mirta to her normal self but failed.[1]
  • "Roots and vines, the monster will bind!" - Used to bind Kerborg.
  • Exaggero Catenas - Used to enlarge cats.
  • "Roots, bind that monster fast fast!" - Used to bind a monster.
  • "Growing things, protect our school!" - Used to tie Bloom up with flowers but failed.[2]
  • "Glitterize!" - Used to neutralize the storm created by Stormy.[3]

Known Transformations

  • Tiger


  • Birthday: March 1
  • Astrological Sign: Dryad
  • Favorite Color: Pink
  • Favorite Hobby: Reading and taking pictures of plants and flowers
  • Ideal Boyfriend: Helia, my boyfriend! He's sensitive and poetic
  • Best Friend: Aisha
  • Favorite Movies: Romantic... super-romantic movies!
  • Loves: Giving advice to the Winx and keeping my room tidy.
  • Favorite Music: Classical
  • Favorite Spell: Giant Vines

Transformation Sequences



  • The name Flora means "flower" in Scottish, Latin.


Main article: Inspirations and References


  • Flora's villainous opposite is most likely Stormy as Flora is calm and passive while Stormy is overly aggressive and hostile. Concerning their powers, at their core, Flora's represent the earth and plants while Stormy's represent air and the sky.
  • Flora is seen with Bloom and Stella more than any of the other girls, despite Aisha being her best friend within their group.
  • Both Flora and Musa are a straight-A students in every subject.[citation needed]
  • During the early planning stages, Flora was supposed to wear a pair of big, round glasses and her hair was meant to be lilac/light purple rather than caramel brown.
    • Despite those changes, her overall appearance remained relatively the same.
      • It is possible that Flora's hair changing from caramel brown to pink while underwater in her Sirenix is a reference to her initial hair color.
  • Flora appears in every single episode excluding the first episode of season one.
  • In the 4Kids dub, Flora had her own promotional short called "Flowers with Flora."
  • Flora's home address is 23 Fantasy Road, as seen in the book English with Winx.
  • Flora has green and pink leaves effect when she attacks in Season 4 (Cinélume and Nickelodeon) and green flowers effect when she attacks in the Nickelodeon specials. She also has green butterflies effect when she attacks in the last episode of Season 2 and the first episode of Season 3 (Cinélume & 4Kids).

The green butterflies effect as seen in Episode 312.

  • Out of the Winx girls, Flora has the most spells; most of which focus on healing or are defensive rather than offensive.
    • She also has the most known Mythix spells out of all the Winx.
  • Flora and Chatta have the same voice actress in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Flora is the only Winx member to earn her Charmix after their vacation in the Wildlands.
    • Her Charmix bag also hangs from her shoulder thanks to a strap instead of hanging around her waist like the other Winx's Charmix bags.
    • She also does not have a mouth close-up during her Charmix transformation.
  • Flora and Aisha are the only Winx members to earn their Enchantix in their respective homeworlds while the other Winx members earned their Enchantix from different places:
  • Flora is the only Winx member to use her special Sirenix spell, Flower of Sirenix, exclusively in 2D.
  • Flora and Bloom are the only Winx members who have siblings.
  • In the episode "Professor Avalon's Secret", Flora states that her favorite color is purple.
    • This has been retconned as of season 8, where she states that her favourite colour is now green
      • Interestingly, this reflects the general colour palatte shift in her designs
  • Flora gains both her Enchantix and Bloomix by saving her sister, Miele.
  • Flora's final pose in the Magic Charmix and Believix transformation sequences are same.
  • Flora is the first Winx, and possibly the first fairy, to earn her Bloomix. She is also the first Winx to earn her Bloomix individually.
  • Flora, Tecna and Musa (except in the 4Kids dub) are the only Winx who are not princesses.
  • After Bloom and Galatea in Season 3, Flora becomes the third character whose wings have been frozen by Icy.
  • Flora is the only Winx to have a sleeveless uniform in Season 6.
  • Flora's first DuArt voice actress, Eileen Stevens, also voices Kalshara and acts as the narrator.
  • Flora and Aisha are the only Winx fairies who have not (yet) been turned evil.
  • There is a color pattern going with Flora while undergoing new transformations with her fairy outfits alternating between pink and green:
  • Coincidentally, Flora's necklace in her Dreamix form resembles her Tynix Bracelet.
  • So far, Flora is the only member of the Winx to have never experienced a romantic relationship outside of her relationship with Helia in the comics.
    • Although, it is implied that she may have developed a romantic interest in Karel during their mission to Crystal Lake in Issue 13. Interestingly enough, Karel looks an awful lot like Helia in some regards.
  • Flora is the only member of the Winx whose Believix Power is shown in the comics; specifically in Issue 103.
    • It is implied that Bloom uses her own Believix Power in Issue 87 to heal Cindy. If that is the case, then it would make Flora the only one to openly use the spell in the comics since Bloom never says the spell's name outright.
  • The watchword in Flora's bedroom is "NATURE" and it is there to recharge her energies after a long day spent with her Winx friends.
  • Flora and Tecna are the only Winx girls whose memories as children or infants have never been shown.
  • In some couture artworks and the recent Winx dolls, people frequently mistake Flora for Bloom and vice-versa as the two look fairly similar at first glance.
    • This is most likely due to the two having similar designs and Flora's lightened skin tone in the Fairy Couture style makes it harder to tell the two apart.
  • As revealed in "A Flower in the Snow", Flora's weakness is absence of nature.
  • Flora's Season 8 voice actress, Brittany Pressley, also voices Tinkerbell in World of Winx.
  • For the 4kids seasons, Flora has used the quote "sweetie" a lot.
  • In Season 8, like with other Winx, Flora's catchphrase is "Wonderful."
  • In Season 8, Flora states that her favourite ice-cream flavor is strawberry, and that between the sea or the mountains, she would choose mountains.
  • Although Flora loves all flowers, her most favorite is the rose. Her favorite animals are cats, dogs, and magiwolves.[5]