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Flora's Guardian of Sirenix is one of the Guardians of Sirenix featured in Season 5 and 6.


She has pink hair tied up into a ponytail, purple eyes, and purple eyelashes. She has an aqua shell on her forehead. She wears an aqua and pink shell-shaped top. Her tail is aqua and has pale green ribbons, and her right arm also has pale green ribbons.


She is a very playful guardian, who gets excited easily. She has a very sweet voice just like her keeper, Flora.



In "Trix Tricks," she is called upon to translate the Flower of the Depths' movements. She translates the movements and says that the Winx have one more test that they have to complete.

In "Sirenix," she and the other Guardians used their power to open the Sirenix Gate.

In "Saving Paradise Bay," she grants Flora's Sirenix wish of having people respect nature.

In "Inspiration of Sirenix," she and the other Guardians were asked how Daphne could regain her Sirenix powers. They told the Winx that the only way in which Daphne's powers could be restored: The Inspiration of Sirenix.


  • She and Stella are both voiced by Amy Gross.
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