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Flower is a PopPixie character. She is a reporter of the "Pixieville Chronicle." Her first (and only) appearance is in Episode 18.


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Flower is a very ambitious and punctual reporter. Also, she never throw away a chance to get a promotion and cares a lot about her appearance.


When Chatta was fired at the Pixieville Chronicle, she tried to get in the building by hiding in a box. But when she jumped out of the box, she accidentally threw coffee all over Flower's shirt. Chatta tried to wash off the coffee, but Flower said to her that she must go in her place. So, Chatta let her ex-boss believing that she was Flower. Then, he told her about a group of Gnomes who attacks Pixies. As "Flower" could write a story about it, she will get the cover story. Chatta saw this as a chance to get her job back.

But at the end of the episode, Chatta stops Rex and his gang (who enchanted the Gnome)s and gets her Magic Pop. But when she enter the office of her ex-boss she saw Flower. She explains to Chatta that she wrote a story about how Chatta stopped the Elves. So Flower got the cover story, promotion and her revenge on Chatta.


  • Flower's appearance is very similar to Aisha.


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