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The Flower of Truth is a flower with a unique ability to detect lies.


The flower is a large, tall pink rose plant with many large light green leaves emitting from its stem.


The flower detects lies and when it does, the flower expresses it by wilting. The flower however, does not remain blossomed year round and only blooms every ten years.


The flower, first appearing in The Flower of Truth, remained in a secured room in Silius' garden. It was created by Silius for the sole purpose of detecting lies, specifically Silius' fiancee, Helene. Silius kept the plant in secret and forbade access to the plant's room to everyone, including Flora. That changed when he was hit in the head and knocked out unconscious by one of the windows in his greenhouse. With no one to care for his plants, Helene sought the help of Flora, and when Flora decided to check up on the room she only sees the Flower of Truth.

The plant is taken care of by Flora for the next couple of days until Silius recovers. One day, the plant is stolen and the Winx rush to rescue it from greedy bankers. Now in the custody of the Winx, Flora ponders over its importance that had gotten it stolen. She finds out the truth when Stella lied about breaking up with Brandon - it detects lies. Once Silius recovers, Flora decides to bring it to him to show that it had blossomed.


The flower has wilted and the Winx learn of the flower's ability.

The flower does not wilt when the doctor informs Silius on his improving condition and will be able to go home soon. After the doctor leaves, Flora tells Silius that the doctor was telling the truth, which prompts an explanation from Silius on the plant's creation. Silius created it so that he could find out Helene's true feelings and if she was after his wealth or not. Once Flora reasoned that Helene does indeed love him because she stayed by his bedside to the point of exhaustion, something a person in love would definitely do, not only that, marriage is built on trust and love. Silius realizes Flora is right and asks her to take it away. The flower is then planted in Flora's garden who proceeds to tell it that she will take care of it.

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