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The Forest of Flowers is a forest located in Gardenia introduced in Season 6.


The Forest of Flowers is in Gardenia. It was Eldora's secret hideout. According to her, it is a sacred space and according to Bloom, is a peaceful place. Tecna also said that there is a large quantity of magical energy in it. There is a common species of flower that looks like a snowflake called Lenugia, Eldora's favorite flower, which is abundant in it.

There is a path with flowers beside it, which leads to the willow trees that hides the Forest of Flowers. There is a clearing full of blue flowers in the forest and a river  with a small bridge. Eldora's cottage is on a small hill in the forest.


Selina and Bloom used to spend hours playing there, and there is the place which Eldora found them. Then, Eldora became Selina's fairy godmother and taught her about magic.


Season 6


Eldora watering the plants.

In "Broken Dreams," the Forest of Flowers is mentioned by Bloom when she sees her old drawing of it.

In "The Fairy Godmother," Bloom remembered about a picture which she drew about this place, and the Winx discovered it, along with Eldora. Eldora invited them to her house and told the Winx everything about Selina. Then, the Trix attacked this place, but when they are about to lose in the battle of the Winx, Selina uses the Legendarium to summons the Ectoplasm Specters to attack the Winx. However, when they are going to destroy them, Eldora tells about another legend of the Forest of Flowers and defeats them. After then, Eldora decides not to stay there because it is not safe anymore.


According to Selina, there are many legends in the Forest of Flowers. The legend of the Ectoplasm Specters is mentioned in the Legendarium:

Once upon a time, the Forest of Flowers was haunted by a malevolent force.

While the legend of the Lenugias is mentioned by the Fairy Godmother, Eldora:

Once upon a time, in the Forest of Flowers, Lenugias grew in abundance. These magical flowers protected all of the forest's inhabitants.
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