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Right to vote: Admins, rollbacks and contributors of this wiki. And when I said "contributors", I meant the people whoever makes edits to help improving the articles of the wiki, not the random people signing up to follow the discussion blogs to get news and such. Sorry. We got tons of these and I refuse of having them interfere while they have nothing to do with this place.

Recently, I have been searching for a place to watch the episodes of PopPixie in English -- not in Youtube channel. They put wordmarks on the videos everywhere. Then Google appears a link on Nick UK, where they allow us to watch the episodes full and free. Currently just 2 or 3 episodes are available there. But the main point is, they listed the show's name as "Pop Pixie", not "PopPixie"; although they listed the items used by the pixies as "MagicPops" and the power of them as "PopPixie". So if you have no other idea, I'll move permanently the article "PopPixie" to "Pop Pixie" (again!).

Besides, there was an argument about adding "continuity" linking PopPixie universe and Winx Club one (like we often do to link a movie/special to season/episode)... I didn't do that because I didn't know when they started that universe. We can use the airing year to do that (like we often do), but I'd love to hear your opinion first, since PopPixie is supposed to have later seasons, and we also have another spin-off known as "World of Winx" @@, confirmed to have 2 seasons @@... (at least, I think)

There supposed to be something else, yet I forgot, so I guess I'll create another forum and ask you there.

So, what do you say? Ruby Rose-icon Beautifully bloom as Ruby Rose Aphrodite Hearts-icon Gloriously shine as Aphrodite Hearts Aphrodite Hearts-icon Freshly ripen as Sapphire Berry Sapphire Berry-icon 06:17, February 19, 2015 (UTC)

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