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Hi, I have a question about two outfits for the Winx's list of outfits. First, for the "Eraklyon Formals" outfit of Season 3. By the title of it, it seems like the Wonx only wore it on Eraklyon and not also at Stella's princess ball. In fact only Layla didn't wore it at both places. So, I was wondering, since both events are kind of balls, if the "Eraklyon Formals" could be renamed "Ball Outfit" or something like it to also include Stella's princess ball, even if only Layla didn't attend it.

Second, for the season 6 "Domino Outfit", which is the dresses the Wonx wore at Daphne's ball. Well, first, the names looks a lot like season 1's "Domino suit", which is the winter clothes the Winx wore when they went to Domino in season 1. Second I think it maybe would be more appropriate for it of it could be renamed "Crown Princess Ball" or "Daphne's Ball" or "Domino's Ball", just something more representative of this particuliar event that wouldn't sound too much like another outfit.

Sorry if it seems a bit useless, but I thought it would probably be preferable to ask first rather than to make changes myself and then start a war about that.


XxDragonHeart (talk) 16:04, April 4, 2014 (UTC)xxDragonHeart

I understand what you meant, but I do feel sorry that I don't have the proper way to explain for you about this... Well, the "name" of the outfit should represent the event it takes place. For a group of outfits -- like the ball gowns the Winx wear at Eraklyon and formerly, Solaria, I'd love to prefer them as "Formal Ball Gowns" or anything like that. However, I have never actually "write" anything in those outfit articles, as my sense of fashion is horrible, so... In that case, I guess history tool can help out as you can contact the users whoever worked in those articles before and ask for reason. I don't really mind about them, as long as they're still organized. 02:39, April 5, 2014 (UTC)

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