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Francis is the Fairy of Laughter. She was also Aisha's roommate. She is first seen sleeping in their room, cuddling Piff.


Francine civil

Francis in her civilian outfit.

She has very short hair almost in a boy-style with brown hair and green eyes.

She wears a khaki coat with a purple collar and a blue buckle hanging where it would be clipped with a blue and light blue striped scarf and orange pants. Her shoes are purple ankle boots.

She wears white socks, a light green skirt with a white top, white bracelets, pink bands on her elbows and a light green tank top over a white tank top with a turtle-neck.


Francis' fairy form.

Francis wears a red sparkling bikini turtleneck top with a white strip down the front with black buttons and sparkling red bikini shorts. She wears red ankle boots with over-the-knee blue socks. She also wears white cuff bracelets with black buttons and a red and blue two-sided joker hat with black and red bells on the tips. Coming from her top she has a dark red two-pointed cape. Her wings curl at the tips and are light blue with cyan tips.


She is friendly as shown when she handed tissues to everyone when Musa sings her song and is good-natured , but definitely has an attitude as she mocks Timmy when he comes looking for Tecna in the episode 19 of season two, during Tecna's phase of hating Timmy (depending on the version, for not making the first move, or for not shooting the Trix and letting them take the Codex piece at Red Fountain). Also she laughed at Bloom when Bloom found out Diaspro was coming back in a comic. Francis may have some trouble to sleep as she is sometimes helped by Piff.

She is a joker, entertaining people with jokes and keeping parties going.


Season 2

She is first seen sleeping in their room, cuddling Piff; and she is seen later in her fairy form with other fairies in an exercise against Griselda; much later she dances at Musa's concert with Layla and Mirta. It is rumored that she has bonded with Glim, since Glim was once seen with Francis in her room.

Francis also appears in Episode 19. Timmy asks her if she knows where Tecna is, and she replies rudely and comments on how Tecna did not want to see him. (In the 4kids version she mentions that the reason why Tecna broke up with him because of his lack of social skills.)

Magical Abilities

As the Fairy of Laughter, her magic is drawn from the positive energy of laughter.


  • Her name means "of France"
  • Her hat in her fairy form looks like Jolly's hat.
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