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The Frutti Music Bar is a local juice bar located in Gardenia. It is owned by Klaus and it is where he and his daugher, Roxy work.


Frutti Music Bar is located by the beach, and inside has a large stage where Andy and his band sometimes play. This place is also the primary hangout for the Winx, and after they formed a band, they also performed. The Specialists and Nabu worked there, waiting tables, but left after the Winx completed their mission.

The area is large and the bar boosts a tropical theme, complete with palm trees, sand and a beach. There are two ships situation on the left and right sides of the bar, one large one that also serves as an outdoor patio complete with tables and another smaller ship that is behind the outdoor stage. The bar is almost a complete open area, the front entrance has a large red square carpet, poles with linings on each side that hold lanterns, a half oval shaped "entrance" with purple curtains and a small triangular roof atop of the "entrance". The front sports the Frutti Music Bars logo. Inside, there is a bar, and tables that are shaped like oranges where their leaves serve as chairs.

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