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Detective Gómez is one of the detectives who appears in the World of Winx. He is Detective Evans' partner and her polar opposite.


Gomez has a light complexion, short brown hair that is slicked back with sideburns, and has brown eyes.


He wears a red, shiny racer jacket with white lines going down; underneath he wears a crew neck dark blue and gray colors, black pants, and black and white high tops.


Gomez wears a gray suit with white shirt and a persian orange tie. For accessories he wears a fake light brown mustache and a bright red sombrero. His apron for the competition is bright yellow with the drawing of a plate in the center.

Winter Wear

He wears a red jacket, dark blue cargo pants, brown boots and gloves.


In comparison to his partner, Gómez is much more relaxed and goofy. He is lighthearted and can get distracted very easily, something that annoys Evans who will not hesitate to harshly reprimand him if needed. Gómez is also flirtatious, as he can be seen flirting with a woman at the Frutti Music Bar during an investigation and even flirts with Evans. He also loves to eat, is somewhat of a coward and timid when it comes to dangerous situations. He is not as agile as Evans, slipping on the ice while trying to jump over to Evans.

When it to the supernatural, he is taken aback but once it sets in, he is accepting. Though rare, Gómez can be serious and understanding such as when closing the case of Annabelle's disappearance, he excludes the details of the supernatural.

World of Winx

Season 1

At some point after Annabelle's disappearance, Evans and Gómez have been put in charge of her case. Gómez first appears in the second episode, observing the Winx when Gómez calls Evans and tells her that only two of the Winx (Aisha and Stella) are with "Annabelle"; however, the location of other three are unknown.

Gómez and Evans enters the dressing room but no ones there.

Gómez eventually locates the others - at the cupcake shop where Annabelle used to work. Gómez overhears that the Winx have a lead on Annabelle and tells Evans over the phone. While Evans is handing out ice cream to a customer she also sees Bloom, Tecna and Flora. Evans tells Gómez to follow them, and she does the same.

Both Evans and Gómez end up at the Frutti Music Bar, and they also see the Winx heading there too. They enter the bar and search for clues. While searching, Gómez was seen flirting with a girl and Evans signs for him to get back to work, much to the annoyance of Gómez (and the girl he was flirting with). Eventually, the two detectives speak with Roxy, and Evans gets an answer from her: Annabelle was last seen in her dressing room. He and Evans heads over there, but when they arrive no one was there.

His assignment leads him to place bugs in the Winx's Loft to listen in on their conversations in hopes of gathering evidence against them. Gómez then goes incognito at the Botanical Garden's cooking challenge to keep an eye on Flora, Tecna, Musa, Stella and Aisha.

Bloom's fingerprints do not match the ones on the watch.

Lorelei and Stella are assigned to him as his helpers but their quarreling ends up costing him the competition. He is escorted out of the challenge; no longer able to keep an eye on his suspects.

He was present as Evans questions Bloom about her involvement with Annabelle. While she is doing that, Gómez helps himself to the donuts on the table. That is until Evans notices and slams her hand on the desk. He stops and puts back his donut. It is revealed that on the day Annabelle disappeared, she had reported a break-in and turned in a strange watch. After Evans gives Bloom their argumentative points, Gómez asks for Bloom's hands to see if her fingerprints match the ones on the watch. They do not and Bloom is excused... For now.

Gómez loses the watch.

Both his and Evans' suspicions of the girls have not faded however and they continue spying on them. One day, they are heading to the airport in hopes of speaking to a Swiss Watchmaker about the strange watch. Gómez takes out the watch, looks at it and informs Evans that their forensic team has no idea what it is. Suddenly someone jumps onto the roof of their car and tries to steal the watch. Evans tries to steer the guy off their car but he holds on strong and steals the watch from Gómez. Evans then speeds down the road to catch up to the guy but lose him when he leaps over a wall. They track him down only to find Bloom and Roxy talking to him. They listen in and now have a lead of where to find Annabelle. So Gómez and Evans follow Bloom and the guy, Jim, to Switzerland. The two cross through the Swiss Alps in dangerous conditions. Gómez has the most trouble whereas Evans is doing so with ease. When they near their suspects, Gómez is a bit put off by the strange events as he sees pirates fighting Bloom and Jim. Evans on the other hand, although knowing this is beyond their scope of things, finds it intriguing and continues investigating further. This causes Gómez to comment again on how he does not understand women.

He follows Evans nonetheless and proceeds to watch the battle between Bloom, Jim, and pirates in secret. But his cover is blown when one of the pirates finds him and restrains him with his rope-hooks. Evans calls out to Gómez out of concern which gives her position away as well. Both Gómez and Evans are now restrained and unable to break free. That is, until they witness Bloom transforming into a fairy. Gómez is completely taken by surprise. Him and Evans are freed by Bloom when she blasts the pirate holding them.

The detectives fill the girls on what happened.

They scurry away and watch the battle unfold which ultimately ended with Bloom and Jim losing. They all then disappear into a portal. Gómez and Evans emerge from their hiding spot when the rest of the Winx and Silke arrive. The two detectives update them on what had occurred and also that the watchmaker had locked himself inside his tower.

Luckily, Silke has a spare key and opens the door. When they enter, a loud rumbling is heard and the tower trembles. Silke explains that her uncle had activated the tower's defense system. Everyone does their best to not get hurt by defense mechanism while Silke disables it.

"Case closed."

Afterwards, the watchmaker Werner reappears and Silke is happy to see that her uncle is alright. Evans introduces them to the watchmaker but she struggles to come up with a good explanation and so Gómez takes over, explaining that the watch the Winx are desperately trying to get fixed is very important, as it opens a portal to another world. Stella emphasizes that that world is where the kidnapped talents are. Werner unfortunately does not know how to fix it and gives up. Silke does not and figures out a way to fix! With that, Tecna uses the magic watch to open a portal. Gómez watches, mouth agape, as the Winx walk into the portal.

Gómez and Evans are at the Wow! finals. Here, Gómez updates the status of the case while omitting the magical parts of it and closes it. After Evans wishes them good luck, the detectives leave with a smile on their faces.