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Gantlos is a member of the Wizards of the Black Circle and the Wizard of Destruction.


He has light skin, dark brown eyes, and shoulder-length blond hair.


He wears a hat over his shoulder-length blond hair. He wears black high boots, a black and red tunic like outfit with a belt around his waist.


He was seen in an old picture wearing a knight's helmet. He has armor on from head to toe, wearing much larger and round shoulder pads. He also has a cape on, and is wearing a long tunic like outfit under the armor.


Gantlos is the Wizard of Destruction and thus, is mean-spirited. He also shows compassion when Duman is hurt, but it is not too visible. Gantlos is like Ogron, except not the "leader" of them all. He has no known age but is the second oldest Wizard. He and Anagan appear to be about the same age. He shows compassion if one of his friends/family is hurt, and often seems to protect the others, saving Ogron from being hit by a train and saving Anagan from falling to his death in the Omega Dimension. He shows no compassion whatsoever when he injures Roxy's dog Artu, commenting "It's just a dog", which enrages Roxy and causes her to transform into a fairy for the first time.

He seems to have a lot of knowledge and experience in magic and life.


Centuries ago, Planet Earth was protected by the Earth Fairies and there was peace. That is until Gantlos and his fellow wizards, the Wizards of the Black Circle, discovered a way that allowed immunity to fairy magic. With this, they began hunting down all Earth Fairies, stealing their magic by stripping them of their wings. After finishing the hunt, he helped his group seal the fairies in their own castle, and destroying all the keys that were used to enter it.

Believing that their quest was finished, they remained in absence. With much luck the last Earth fairy was too young to reveal her powers. At least until she was old enough that her powers began to surface, Gantlos and the Wizards felt this power resurfacing and began their hunt for her.


Season 4

The Wizards arrive at Alfea.

In "The Fairy Hunters," he appeared with the other Fairy Hunters in a portrait displayed at Alfea's Hall of Enchantments. The Wizards of the Black Circle set out to capture Bloom, thinking that she was the Last Fairy on Earth. Upon arriving at the school, he is approaced by Flora asking why they are here and if they needed help. When she refused to answer Ogron's question in regards to Bloom's location, Gantlos got angry and shook the ground, knocking her off her feet. Ogron knocks Flora out and her friends find her.

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Gantlos fights against the Winx with his friends, easily defeating them. The Wizards then open the Black Circle portal, trapping Bloom inside. However, the portal rejects her as she is not the last Earth fairy. Disappointed and irritated, he and his friends vanish into another portal saying that the hunt for the last Earth fairy is not over yet.

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Magic of Believix

He appears as an obstacle course for each levels in the game. Once the player shoots him with a spell, he disappears.

Winx Bloomix Quest

He appears in the portrait of the Wizards of the Black Circle in the Hall of Enchantments.

Magical Abilities

Gantlos using his sound waves.

As the Wizard of Destruction, his abilities have a wide range on how to destroy. One of his most used abilities are conjuring sound waves similar to those of Musa's, but are stronger, as well as seismic waves that can knock someone off their feet and cause the earth to fracture/sink.

So far, Gantlos is the only member of his group to be seen inflicting direct, physical injury onto his opponents, he did this to Batson by blasting him. Gantlos can cause fires and physically crush objects (e.g. a police cruiser). He can do convergence and teleport.

His powers are drawn from the negative belief in magic and Fairies, the stronger the disbelief or hate, the stronger he becomes. As such, when such disbelief and hate dwindle, so does the might of his powers; it can eventually cease to exist. Alongside his friends, he was the co-creator of the Black Circle and thus, can detect and summon it. He can conjure the Black Circle vortex that siphons fairy magic into his possession.

Gantlos using his sensory abilities.

Gantlos can imbue people with mystical powers; he had done this to Mitzi, Darma and Sally. As stated before, since Gantlos' source of power is the lack of belief in magic and Fairies, those whom he imbued with magic will lose them if that disbelief is countered.

Strangely enough, despite not having any powers over animals, he is often used as the group's tracker and sensor. He tracked down Artu and checked for Roxy's presence in her home.

Like any magical being, magic can be cancelled when hit by a physical object and Gantlos is no different.

As a wizard he may know first-level spells such as, telekinesis, transmuting objects, and fixing minor messes.


  • In the Nickelodeon dub, Gantlos is voiced by Timmy's voice actor, Charlie Schlatter.
  • In the Cinélume dub, his voice actor, Mark Camacho, and Roxy's voice actress have the same last name "Camacho"; they have no relation in real life.
  • Like Ogron and Anagan, he is frozen by the Winx and Nebula in the Omega Dimension and falls into a crevice.
  • His hat and the stripes on his arms give him resemblance to the Nightmare on Elm Street villain Freddy Krueger, who is seen as a Halloween costume in a Season 2 episode.
  • In the Season 4 trailer, he displays the ability to shoot fireballs. However, this is never seen in the series.