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Gantlos is a member of the Wizards of the Black Circle.


He wears a hat over his shoulder-length blond hair. He has light skin, and dark brown eyes. He wears black high boots, a black and red tunic like outfit with a belt around his waist.

He was seen in an old picture wearing a knight's helmet. He has armor on from head to toe, wearing much larger and round shoulder pads. He also has a cape on, and is wearing a long tunic like outfit under the armor.


Gantlos is the Wizard of destruction, thus being rather mean. He also shows compassion when Duman is hurt, but it is not too visible. Gantlos is like Ogron, except not the "leader" of them all. He has no known age but is the second oldest Wizard. He and Anagan appear to be about the same age. He shows compassion if one of his friends/family is hurt, and often seems to protect the others, saving Ogron from being hit by a train and saving Anagan from falling to his death in the Omega Dimension. He shows no compassion whatsoever when he injures Roxy's dog Artu, commenting "It's just a dog", which enrages Roxy and causes her to transform into a fairy for the first time.

He seems to have a lot of knowledge and experience in magic and life.


Centuries ago, planet Earth was protected by the Earth Fairies and there was peace. That is until Gantlos and his fellow wizards, the Wizards of the Black Circle, discovered a way that allowed immunity to fairy magic. With this, they began hunting down all Earth Fairies, stealing their magic by stripping them of their wings. After finishing the hunt, he helped his group seal the fairies in their own castle, and destroying all the keys that were used to enter it.

Believing that their quest was finished, they remained in absence. With much luck the last Earth fairy was too young to reveal her powers. At least until she was old enough that her powers began to surface, Gantlos and the wizards felt this power resurfacing and began their hunt for her.

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