The "Welcome to Gardenia" sign in Season 1.

The "Welcome to Gardenia" sign in Season 4.

Gardenia is the hometown of Bloom, Roxy, Mitzi, MacyMike, Vanessa, Klaus and Morgana.

In the first three seasons of Winx Club, Gardenia made few appearances but became the main setting in Season 4 as the Winx went there to protect Roxy, the last fairy on Earth. Gardenia becomes a minor setting again in the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth seasons. Gardenia is also a major setting for both seasons World of Winx.


Gardenia is a town located on the coast of the United States on planet Earth.

An industrial or port area in Gardenia with a number of warehouses was seen in Season 4[1][2][3], and the residential areas of Gardenia are separated from the town center by a bay or river mouth across which there is a bridge which connects the two parts of the town[4][5].

Winx Club


Gardenia at sunrise.

When the realm of Domino was destroyed by the Ancestral Witches sixteen years before the series began, Princess Bloom, the Keeper of the Dragon's Flame, was sent to Gardenia by her older sister Daphne to keep her safe from the Ancestral Witches as they would be unable to sense her there, due to all of the magic on Earth having been gone for centuries[6][7]. Bloom was transported inside a burning building, where the flames protected her until Mike found her, and he and his wife Vanessa adopted her[8].

Around the same time, Morgana, the Earth Fairy High Queen, left Tir Nan Og to live with humans desiring to be special without magic. She met Klaus in Gardenia, and the two got married and later had a daughter named Roxy. Morgana then decided to give up her throne and move to Gardenia for good, however, the Wizards of the Black Circle found and captured her. Despite putting up a desperate fight, Morgana and the remaining Earth Fairies were captured and trapped on Tir Nan Og. Since Roxy was too young to reveal any of her magical capabilities, the Wizards never went after her, but they still managed to erase all memories of Morgana from the minds of people who knew her[9].

For many years, Bloom, Roxy, and many of Gardenia's residents led normal and relatively quiet lives.


Drawing of Gardenia by Bloom

Gardenia appears in the very beginning of series. As Bloom is going out to the park with Kiko, they eventually run across Stella, fighting Knut and some of his ghouls. Bloom discovers she has magical powers and partly helps Stella to defeat monsters[10].

Stella rests at Bloom's home and Bloom discovers from her that she is a fairy. Mike doesn't believe them and almost calls an ambulance for Stella, but Stella turns the phone into vegetables. Knut, now with a Hunting Troll, returns to find Stella and they break into Bloom's home, but soon the Specialists appear and Knut escapes[10].

Gardenia's Park

Bloom later returns to Gardenia during her holidays to help her mother with her Flower Shop. After discovering that two men who were about to become Vanessa's business partners were trying to trick Vanessa into selling her shop to them to build a supermarket there instead, Bloom tells this to her and Vanessa tells them that she has changed her mind and no longer wants to do business with them, but then these men start vandalizing her shop, even going far enough to burn it in the end. Bloom goes in and sees visions of Mike finding a baby from the fire, but her visions disappear when a man is calling for help. She saves him and it turns out he was working for those men who were vandalizing Vanessa's shop. Later Bloom discovers that baby she saw was her and that Mike and Vanessa were not her biological parents[8].

Bloom returns to Gardenia after deciding to leave Magic Dimension behind because of Sky. However, the whole town reminds her of him. The Trix follow Bloom to her home and attacks her adoptive parents, eventually weakening Bloom so they could steal the Dragon's Flame and they reveal to her that her real parents are the king and queen of Domino and that she is the princess of that realm. Stella later appears and takes Bloom back to Alfea[6].

Gardenia Park

The Winx visit Gardenia together and decide to visit the dancing club while Bloom wants to talk to her adoptive parents about her search of her birth parents and about the trial of the conmen who tried to destroy her Flower Shop in Season 1. The pixies discover that children see and hear them, but grown ups do not. Musa even makes suggestion that children humans born with magic and grows out of it before having change to use it[11].

At the Dancing Club, Musa uses her magic to change music and couple of guys see this and drives everyone else away, leaving only Musa and Aisha in, so they can use their powers. Musa even blows their cover. While the men are threatening them, Aisha loses her temper and attacks them. The Winx Club manage to fight back a little and escape, but they soon run to a dead end. Griselda and Faragonda appear and erase memories of that night from those guys mind and take the girls and pixies back to Alfea, where they are punished[11].

Later they revisit Gardenia and Mitzi invites them to her Halloween party. Mitzi tries to ruin their fun, but the Winx manage to keep themselves out of her tricks until Mitzi makes up an story of four witches to scare the Winx with help of her friends but ends by falling in her own trap thanks to the Pixies[12].

Gardenia did not make a major appearance this season. After the events on Eraklyon, Bloom decided to go back to Gardenia and stay with Mike and Vanessa, to help keep her minds off of things. Stella goes to Gardenia to inform Bloom of the news of Sky's engagement to Diaspro[13].

Gardenia 4.png
Three years after Bloom discovered her powers and learned her true identity, she and the Winx Club returned to Earth to find the last fairy of Earth (Roxy), save the Earth Fairies, and restore Earth's belief in magic and restore Earth's connection to the Magic Dimension and bringing magic back to Earth was a major objective of the Winx during Season 4. Because of this, almost whole season happens on the planet. Gardenia stays as the main area of season's events. After confronting the Wizards of the Black Circle in Alfea[14], the Winx went to consult the Tree of Life to find where the last Earth Fairy was, and learned that she lived in Gardenia[15]. The Winx then went on mission to Earth to stop the Wizards from capturing the last Earth Fairy, and settled at Bloom's adoptive parents' home at Gardenia. However this living arrangement was difficult, especially for Mike. Therefore the Winx sought jobs so they would not be a financial burden on Mike and Vanessa, although all their efforts ended in disaster and they were fired each time[4]. However, Mr. Rooney, the owner of Rooney's, the biggest toy store in Gardenia, noticed the Winx and offered them a job. While the Winx were working at Rooney's, Flora noticed plushies which were destined to be destroyed because they were flawed and gave them life to save them, and Bloom teleported them to her parents' house to prevent Mr. Rooney from finding them[4]. After this, the Winx decided to open a fairy pet shop so they could bring magic back into people's lives and look for the last Earth Fairy at the same time, and they moved to a new place that Vanessa helped them buy. Believing the Wizards of the Black Circle were close after sensing magical energy, the Winx transformed into their Enchantix forms to search for them, amazing and confusing many of the citizens of Gardenia[4]. The Wizards of the Black Circle later arrived at Gardenia while searching for the last Earth Fairy and attacked some police officers[5]. The Winx decided to get people on Earth to adopt fairy pets to help people on Earth believe in magic again. However, when they finally opened their shop, named Love & Pet, no customers initially showed up until children in Gardenia started noticing the fairy pets and Tecna set up a Winx Club website allowing people to magically adopt fairy pets through the internet. After this, more customers started arriving at Love & Pet[5]. Meanwhile, the Specialists arrived to Gardenia on secret mission to help the Winx against the Wizards of the Black Circle, but they had trouble blending in until Sky mortgaged his Seal of Eraklyon for money that the Specialists used to buy new clothes, following which they tried to remain incognito. After sensing magical energy again, the Winx came across the Wizards of the Black Circle attacking a girl they mistook for the last Earth Fairy, and the Specialists' cover were blown during the fight opposing the Winx and the Wizards[5]. While the Winx were looking for the last Earth Fairy, the Wizards of the Black Circle infiltrated the Love & Pet shop and placed a dark spell on the fairy pets. Meanwhile, the Specialists settled in an apartment in Gardenia, and Timmy bought new Earth clothes for the Specialists before they went to look for jobs[5]. After Mitzi adopted a fairy pet, the Winx fed the fairy pets at the Love & Pet, which activated the Wizards' dark spell and transformed them into monstrous forms which attacked the Winx. After the Winx managed to break the spell and return the fairy pets to their non-monstrous forms[16]. They then realized Mitzi's pet could have been cursed too, and tried to speak with her, but in vain, so they had to follow her until her Fairy Pet also became a monster. Brandon helped Mitzi while the other Specialists and Flora broke the spell on the fairy pet. But Stella then had a fight with Brandon after she saw Mitzi give him a thank you kiss[16]. After this incident, Mitzi kept on stalking Brandon. While the Winx were re-painting the Love & Pet, Bloom's ex-high school boyfriend, Andy, and his friends Mark and Rio, came to help the Winx, but Mitzi was secretly taking pictures of Bloom and Stella with Andy and Mark to create rifts between Stella and Brandon. When the Specialists arrived, Sky became jealous and argued with Bloom, and he and the Specialists went away[1]. Soon after, Tecna found out that a someone was adopting many fairy pets, and the Winx used the address used to adopt these pets to track down the person who adopted all these fairy pets and found out that it was Roxy[1]. After Stella rudely confronted Roxy, Bloom and Flora sensed magical energy emanating from her, and Bloom and Flora tried to convince Roxy that she was a fairy, but she refused to listen to them and ran away. But then Roxy ran into the Wizards of the Black Circle who tried to capture her until Artu saved her and the Winx arrived to fight the Wizards. During the battle, Roxy started to believe in fairies, which allowed the Winx to obtain the Believix transformation[1]. The Winx were however still not powerful enough to fight the Wizards, and Roxy fled into the sewers of Gardenia, where Morgana's voice encouraged her to believe in herself. Roxy returned to help the Winx and confront the Wizards, and the Specialists forced the Wizards to retreat. After the battle, Roxy and the Winx went to the Frutti Music Bar to meet Roxy's father, Klaus, who owned the Bar and revealed that he had just hired the Specialists as waiters[2]. After Roxy heard Morgana's voice in her sleep and her family photos arranged themselves on the floor in a specific pattern, Roxy called the Winx to her place, and they noticed that these photos all showed a house in the country where Roxy and her parents used to go on holidays. The Winx and Roxy then went to that country house, where Roxy found the White Circle and used it to help the Winx fight off the Wizards of the Black Circle. Once the Winx had returned to Gardenia, Stella and Mitzi had a song battle, after which Musa performed on stage and was noticed by music producer Jason Queen[17]. The White Circle soon allowed Nebula, the Major Fairy of Revenge, to possess Roxy so she could attack the Wizards of the White Circle. The Winx were able to help the possessed Roxy fight off the Wizards, but Nebula blamed them for allowing the Wizards to escape and attacked them using the White Circle before the Winx were able to free Roxy from Nebula's possession. At the same time, Sky's father, Erendor, was visiting Gardenia in search for his son and found out that Sky had mortgaged the Seal of Eraklyon and bought it back[3]. After this, the Winx try to convince the inhabitants of Gardenia that they are fairies. However their attempts failed until they decide to reach them by helping them when they are in difficulty and save people in an apartment building from a fire that turned out to have been caused by the Wizards of the Black Circle as a trap to force the Winx to hand them the White Circle. Meanwhile, Musa successfully participated in an audition but Riven was jealous and acted rudely towards Musa, and she broke up with him[18]. The Wizards broke into Roxy's house and tried to kidnap her so they could blackmail the Winx into giving them the White circle, but Roxy was able to call the Winx to her place quickly enough to save her. After more attempts by the Winx to reach the hearts of the people of Gardenia failed again, they decided to copy superheroes from Earth and save people in need, but their attempt to stop jewelry ended in disaster. The next day, however, the Winx were able to successfully stop the thieves[19]. Encouraged by the Winx, Roxy decided to tell her father that she was a fairy. But the Wizards had already kidnapped Klaus replaced him with Duman disguised as Klaus. The disguised Duman was waiting for Roxy at her house and helped the Wizards capture her. Artu was able to escape informed the Winx that the Wizards had kidnapped Roxy. When they reached Roxy's house, they found a message by Ogron telling them to give the White Circle to Duman, still disguised as Klaus, in exchange for Roxy[20]. Artu, Kiko and the Fairy Pets managed to find Roxy and Klaus tied up in a warehouse and freed them. After Gantlos attacked Artu, Roxy transformed into a fairy for the first time. Gantlos alerted the other Wizards, and Duman tried to attack the Winx[20]. A though battle opposing the Winx, Roxy and the Specialists to the Wizards of the Black Circle ensued throughout Gardenia. At the Gardenia train station, Roxy almost gave up, Morgana appeared to her in a vision and encouraged her to fight the Wizards, and more inhabitants of Gardenia started believing in fairies, allowing the Winx hand the Wizards a major defeat[21]. After the Wizards' defeat, the Winx became local celebrities in Gardenia[22] while the Wizards took refuge in the town's sewers[23]. Soon after the Winx helped Roxy stop a gang of animal smugglers operating in Gardenia[22], the Wizards gave Dark Fairy powers to a jealous Mitzi and her friends Sally and Darma and sent them to attack the people of Gardenia until the Winx intervened, saved the people of Gardenia, and removed the Dark Fairy powers of Mitzi and her friends[23]. When the Winx and Roxy used Tracix on the White Circle to find out more about the Earth Fairies, it emitted magical vibrations which alerted the Wizards. The Wizards infiltrated the Love & pet building to try and steal it and had to enter Tecna's favorite online video game, where the White Circle was hidden, to steal it, but the Winx were able to intervene and save the White Circle from being stolen. After this, Roxy decided that the Winx should go to Tir Nan Og and free the imprisoned Earth Fairies[24]. After the Winx freed the Earth Fairies[25], the Earth Fairy queen Morgana sent the Major Fairy of Nature, Diana, to attack the Winx in Gardenia, which she transformed into a jungle before kidnapping the Specialists[26]. After Diana returned to her home realm of Amazonia, the Winx followed her there[27], where they saved the Amazonian rainforest from being destroyed by loggers and restored the Sacred Sprout, which was the source of Diana's powers and of Earth's natural energy. This gained them the trust of Diana, who abandoned her desire for revenge against humanity and freed Gardenia from its jungle prison[28]. After returning from Amazonia to Gardenia, the Winx hanged out at the Frutti Music Bar before Jason Queen called them to his office and informed them he had organized a live talent show at the Frutti Music Bar where the Winx would compete with other bands to evaluate their talent[29]. After this, the Winx rehearsed for their live performance at the Frutti Music Bar until the Wizards of the Black Circle arrived there and Ogron informed them that the wizards' powers had been depleted before surrendering to the Winx and asking for their protection from Morgana. At the lounge of the Winx, Ogron claimed the Wizards had renounced fairy hunting and handed over the Black Circle to the Winx. After Stella consulted the Great Book of Fairies, the Winx and the Wizards left Gardenia and went to search for Sibylla's cave in Italy[29]. Meanwhile, in Gardenia, Jason Queen's competition was under way until all the other bands except the Winx had already performed. But the Winx were still in Sibylla's Cave, so the Specialists decided to perform on stage to buy time. After the Winx returned to Gardenia on time, they performed live on stage, won the competition and obtained a recording contract from Jason Queen.[29] Morgana sent her next Guardian Fairy, Aurora, to enact the Earth Fairies' plans for revenge, and Aurora starts to freeze Earth. While the Winx and the Specialists were at the Gardenia park, they noticed the temperature dropping, and the Major Fairy of Revenge, Nebula, appeared there to warn them that they will have to face Aurora and that the whole Earth would become frozen if they did not hand the Wizards over to Morgana[30]. The Winx went to Aurora's Frost Tower to try and stop her, but in vain, and Aurora trapped them in a room of ice, where Roxy's body temperature started dropping dangerously[31]. To save Roxy, Bloom challenged Nebula to a duel, with the terms being that if Bloom wins, the Wizards of the Black Circle would be given a fair trial and Morgana would abandon her revenge against the humans, but if Nebula wins, they would be handed over to the Earth Fairies. During the duel, Nebula broke a large chunk of ice from the Frost Tower and tried to drop it on the inhabitants of Gardenia, but Bloom managed to destroy it in time, winning the duel. Morgana respected the terms of the duel and agreed to end the revenge against the humans and give the Wizards a fair trial[30]. While the Winx brought Ogron, Anagan and Gantlos to Tir Nan Og to face justice from their crimes, Duman's illness worsened, and Nabu and the Specialists took him back to Gardenia, where Nabu managed to diagnose the cause of Duman's illness. However Duman went out of control, attacked the boys, and revealed Ogron's secret plan to destroy the Earth Fairies to the Specialists and Nabu, who defeated him for good before going to Tir Nan Og[32]. After Ogron's defeat, Nebula was crowned as new queen of Earth Fairies despite her treasonous actions, and Morgana reunited with her family in Gardenia, where she restored Klaus's memories of her which had been erased after the Wizards imprisoned her. Bloom and others held a party in Frutti Music Bar, where Roxy chose to enroll at Alfea.[9].

Shortly before the beginning of the next Alfea school year following the defeat of the Wizards of the Black Circle, the Winx held a performance at the Frutti Music Bar. While cleaning up the beach after the concert, the Winx realized there had been an explosion on an oil rig further out to sea. The Winx and the Specialists join forces to rescue all the survivors but in the process Sky dropped the Pendant of Eraklyon into the ocean[33]. The Winx later returned to Gardenia in order to locate the Lilo, and had to fight the Trix, who were also after the magical flower[34].

When Bloom went to the Library of Alexandria in Egypt in search of Eldora's Diary, she met Selina there, and it was revealed that Selina and Bloom both grew up in Gardenia and were friends through Bloom's flashbacks[35]. After finding the diary in the Library, the Winx went to search for the Shrine Dragon in China, and flashbacks of Selina and Bloom cycling in the Gardenia Park together were seen when Bloom was wondering why was Selina in Egypt[36]. When Selina later went to Alfea, and Bloom told Sky that Selina used to be her best friend when she grew up in Gardenia[37]. After Selina tricked Bloom into nearly poisoning Flora, a shocked and confused Bloom decided to leave Alfea[37], and she went to her adoptive parents' house in Gardenia[38]. Meanwhile, Flora was able to find out that the Lenugia flower which would allow the Winx to find Eldora grows in Gardenia, and at the same time Bloom also realized that Eldora was in Gardenia through her childhood memories of her and Selina playing in the Forest of Flowers in Gardenia when they were children[38]. When Selina found out that Bloom was in Gardenia, she used the Legendarium to summon the Children of the Night and ordered them to take over Gardenia and eliminate Bloom. The Children of the Night started to attack the town's inhabitants before draining the energy of the participants of the Gardenia Goth Ball and hypnotizing them, and ordered them to attack Bloom[38]. When Lockette heard of the plans of the Children of the Night, she confronted them, but the Children of the Night tried to attack her. This caused Bloom to sense that Lockette was in danger through their bonding, and she transformed into her Bloomix fairy form and went to save the Pixies. After this, the Children of the Night and the hypnotized inhabitants of Gardenia attacked Bloom and the Pixies, and the Winx who were still at Alfea sensed that their bonded Pixies were in danger[38]. Bloom fled to her parents' house to try and escape the Children of the Night, but they attacked the house. She then tried to get the Children of the Night out of Gardenia to prevent them from hypnotizing more people, but they attacked her and the Pixies in Gardenia Park[39]. The Winx arrived to save Bloom and the Pixies, following which they went to the Gardenia Goth Ball where the Children of the Night kidnapped all of them except Stella and were preparing to drain all of their fairy energy. Stella then arrived and summoned the powers of the Suns of Solaria to destroy the Children of the Night and save the Winx. After this, the Winx participated in the Gardenia Goth Ball, where Stella won in a fashion competition[39]. After defeating the Children of the Night, the Winx stayed at Bloom's parents' place before going to the Forest of Flowers, where they finally found Eldora. There, the Trix and Ectoplasm Specters attacked them, but the Winx and Eldora were able to defeat the Specters, and the Trix retreated. Bloom suggests that everyone should go to her house.[40]. At Bloom's house, Eldora met Bloom's parents and gifted Vanessa a magical plant. Then she told the Winx what she knew on how the Legendarium could be locked forever, and she and the Winx went to Tir Nan Og, where they obtained the Mythix Wands, while the Pixies struggled to take care of the magical plant back in Gardenia. Everyone, including Vanessa and Morgana, went to Alfea later that day to celebrate Mother's Day[41].

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The "Welcome" sign seen in the Specials.

Gardenia is once again, the starting point of a series of events that led Bloom to discover she is no ordinary Earth girl. After receiving her bike, she and Kiko take it for a ride at Gardenia Park. Bloom sits under a tree and takes a bite of an apple while Kiko goes off exploring. However, he quickly runs back to Bloom in a panic and quickly directs her to what he had saw. Deeper into the park, the two witness a battle a fairy, Stella the Fairy of the Shining Sun and an ogre named Knut and his ghouls. Stella did not have trouble fending them off but the antagonists get the better of her and she struggles. Bloom quickly steps in but her interference causes Knut to order his ghouls to attack her. As the ghouls near her she unconsciously conjures up a shield which dispatches the ghouls. She looks at her hands, shocked that she had done that. As Kiko expresses his pride for Bloom, he is sneak up on by a ghoul, causing him to faint. Bloom protects him by whacking the ghoul away with a branch. Her meddling eventually angers Knut and he starts throwing her around. Out of instinct, Bloom summons an ever more powerful burst of energy, effectively disorientating Knut for a bit, allowing Stella to retrieve her scepter. Seeing that he is at a disadvantage, Knut teleports away with his ghouls. Stella is relieved they finally have left her alone but she faints due to exhaustion; Bloom and Kiko take her back home.

Bloom's drawing of Gardenia and fairies.

When Stella awakens at Bloom's house, Vanessa checks up on her. Stella tells her she is alright and begins to explain everything, magic and all, Mike finds her to be delirious and tries to call for help. Stella realizes he does not believe her and so she proves to him that magic is real by transforming the phone he was holding into vegetables.

After that, Bloom and Stella get acquainted in Bloom's room. Bloom expresses her disbelief that she herself is also a fairy. Stella eventually convinces her to join Alfea to learn how to control her powers. Vanessa and Mike have their own discussion on Bloom's true heritage. Their discussions come to a halt however as Knut has returned to once again retrieve Stella's scepter with his ghouls and the help of a hunting troll who assisted him in locating Bloom and her home.

They have another battle but Knut and his minions appear to once again have the upper-hand, but Stella called the Specialists ahead of time and they arrive just in time. With their help, Knut and his ghouls are forced to leave empty handed again while the hunting troll is captured. Meeting the boys was enough to secure Bloom's decision to go to Alfea. With that, the next day, Bloom is packed and ready to leave for the Magic Dimension but her parents tag along, not willing to let her go herself. Bloom is happy about it but as it turns out, non-magical beings are not allowed to enter Magix and thus, Alfea. With their goodbyes said, Stella teleports Mika and Vanessa home.

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Because of not liking her life as an princess of Domino, Bloom runs off to Gardenia. Other girls visit her as well, but then Trix and Ancestral Witches drain the Tree of Life out of positive energy and Faragonda tells the Winx to stay in Gardenia. Winx start living without their powers and almost everyone of them looks enjoying it. Sky then appears to Bloom and tells her to come into Eraklyon in order to learn the truth. Meanwhile Oritel and Marion have come met Mike and Vanessa. Oritel wants to bring Bloom back home, but Mike tells that would not be good idea. He and Vanessa even show video of Bloom growing up to Oritel and tells him to talk to her. Bloom then comes in, asking what his dad is doing there. As Mike and Oritel both starts explaining, Bloom tells she meant Oritel not Mike. Bloom then tells Oritel that she is going to Eraklyon and leaves. Mike then talks to Bloom about her father and then tells Bloom to "Go and save the universe again".

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In the movie "Winx Club: The Mystery of the Abyss", Bloom and Sky went to get ice cream and walk out to Gardenia's Park and found a stray dog. Kiko and the stray dog stole Bloom and Sky's ice cream but failed a few times but finally got it. Later on, Bloom and Sky are sitting on a green bench in the park. A little while later, Bloom is feeling she is getting colder and touches a snow rose and her hand turned to ice. More coming soon...

World of Winx


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Gardenia in WOW.

Gardenia serves as one of the many central locations in World of Winx due to the Winx still living together in their loft and Roxy still working at the Frutti Music Bar, but as its owner this time.

The city is first seen during a downpour in the first episode, as the Winx chase down a man they have dubbed as the "Talent Thief." Unfortunately, they lose sight of the Talent Thief and must now rush back to their loft to star on WOW as its newest talent scouts.

WOW Auditions in Gardenia.

After their introductions, the Winx head out to a park where auditions for those seeking to be on WOW are scheduled. After a grueling process with no results, the Winx hear a nice singing voice coming from nearby and follow the voice to a Cupcake Café, where one of the waitresses happened to be humming while working. The Winx introduce themselves to the young waitress whose name is Annabelle and, soon enough, she becomes the newest WOW contestant! In order to help her pursue her dreams, the Winx help around the Café during Annabelle's shift while the young singer gets coached by Musa.

Annabelle on-stage at the Frutti Music Bar.

Soon enough, Annabelle's big night rolls around and she sings her song, This is Me, to everyone in attendance. The crowd erupts in cheers and applause as Annabelle takes it in, becoming WOW's first finalist, while the Winx experience a strange feeling and vision of a new form. However, all is not well, as the lights are suddenly turned off as the audience cheers for an encore and, later, Annabelle goes missing.

The Winx search for the missing finalist but come across her friend and coworker Louise instead. With Annabelle nowhere to be found, Ace tries to buy time having her performance played again.

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Winx Club


World of Winx


Winx Club


World of Winx

Other Inhabitants


  • There is a real place called "Gardena" in the southwestern corner of Los Angeles County, in southern California, in the United States of America.
  • According to the vision that Bloom saw when she went to Domino to find the Dragon Flame again in Season 1[7], and to the scene when the Winx arrived to Earth in Season 4[4], the country on Earth where Gardenia is located is the United States of America.
  • The Gardenia is a type of flowering plant.
  • Along with Earth, Gardenia appears to be either a main or minor setting for each of the seasons and movies.
    • It is also the main setting for the spin-off series, World of Winx.



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