The park at night.

Gardenia Park is a place on Planet Earth and was introduced in Season 1. It is significant in that this is where Bloom met Stella and found out she has magic powers.


The park appears to be fairly large and spacious. There are trees and grass, and by sixth season the trees have increased in numbers but plenty of flat terrain remain.

There are some benches, scrubs, and flowers. Pathways are denoted by light brown paths decorated with black railings around the park. A entrance gate is present as seen in the second and fourth seasons.



Bloom First Spell

Bloom's first spell.

In "An Unexpected Event," Bloom and Kiko are inside the park. Bloom sits down to rest while Kiko goes off exploring. However, he runs back to Bloom in a panic as he discovered something far beyond imagination - a Sun and Moon fairy fighting an ogre and his ghouls.

Bloom and Kiko observe the battle, hidden behind tall trees. The fairy named Stella, appears to have an upper-hand but is eventually knocked down by the ogre and restrained by his ghouls. When the ogre, Knut, takes the fairy's scepter Bloom steps in and stops Knut from hurting the fairy.
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Stella faints due to exhaustion.

But her meddling causes Knut to order his ghouls to attack her. Fearing for her safety, she unconsciously forms a magical barrier which dispels the ghouls. This is a shocking revelation for Bloom and when Knut has had enough of her, he snatches her and swings her around. This time, Bloom summons an even more powerful, dormant magical energy that temporarily stuns Knut and his ghouls.

Stella notes the powerful energy and takes back her scepter. She stands in front of Bloom to protect her and is able to finish off the monsters. Knut finally flees with his ghouls much to a relieved Stella. However, she faints due to exhaustion and Bloom, concerned for her well-being, takes her home.


After receiving a letter from her mother, Vanessa, Bloom learns that she is testifying against the criminals who destroyed her flower shop today; Bloom decides to go to Gardenia to support her. Aisha, Musa and Stella decide to go as well, tired from all the extra training and studying at Alfea due to the return of Darkar. Their respective bonded pixies tag along as well.

They have a quick stop in front of Gardenia Park. This is the first time Aisha and Musa visit Earth; they both note that the planet is vastly different from Magix and its people's incredible energy. Stella is mostly excited by all the new boutiques she can shop at. Bloom joins them and notices the Pixies, aside from Piff, are not with the three. Bloom panics when she is told they went after Lockette because she got spooked by a car (in Stella's words: "those smelly hoverbikes on wheels thingies"). Aisha, Musa and Stella do not know why Bloom is panicking until she explains that "no one [on Earth] has even seen a pixie!" therefore, there is no telling what could happen.

WCEp213 (2)

The policeman does not notice Amore.

Meanwhile, Tune and Amore have found their runaway Lockette inside the park. Amore is fully invested in a nearby couple saying goodbye for the day. Tune on the other hand, compliments a young girl on her proper etiquette. The little girl shyly thanks her. Lockette is now in a hurry and wants to get back to their fairies, only for Amore to remind her that it was her fault in the first place; Lockette begrudgingly accepts it. Then, two policemen approach them and they check up on the little girl, asking if she is lost. The little girl nods and the officers help her find her parents. During this whole exchange, the officers never knew or saw the pixies there and when little girl mentions them, they just went along with it. That is when the Pixies discover that on Earth they are invisible to adults.


The park is seen in "The Last Fairy on Earth" after the Winx had a long day of working then getting fired from their jobs (mostly because of Stella who had worked a day in her life), they take a break on park bench beaten and exhausted. Bloom's optimism is immediately shot down because the girls know they are not good workers. Their mood is temporarily lifted when the Specialists call. While they catch up with each other, Sky's loose lips almost revealed that the Specialists will also be on Earth soon (a request by Faragonda made in secret). Luckily, Riven quickly covers for him and the Specialists end their call. The Winx then return to their sad mood until Mr. Rooney approaches them and offers them a job at his toy store.

The park is revisited when the Winx are out searching for the magic trail felt back at Love & Pet; they assumed it was the Wizards of the Black Circle. Flora and Musa are paired up and end up following the trail to the park. Whom they all are really following is Roxy, the Last Fairy on Earth. She and Artu reach the park so that Artu can get some exercise.

Flora and Musa fly around the area but do not see the Wizards and leave the park.

Winx Club - Episode 415 (10)

The opposing sides.

In "Magic Lessons," the Winx are at the park relaxing and giving Roxy some magic lessons. While they are relaxing, Mitzi, Darma and Sally, who had been imbued with the Wizards' magic, are causing a riot in the park. They terrorize the citizens with their powers which causes people to lose trust in magic, thus weakening the Winx's Believix powers. The Winx, Mitzi and her friends do battle. This ongoing battle begins to instill fear within the citizens and Bloom notices. She then has her friends protect the citizens while she and Stella distract Mitzi, Darma and Sally. Once the citizens are out of harms way, Musa, Aisha, and Bloom use their special Believix powers to return faith in magic. Thus stripping Mitzi, Darma, and Sally of their powers and putting an end to this havoc.

While not physically present, a virtual version of the park is seen in "A Virtual World". It is Tecna's favorite computer game and she had hid the White Circle in there while they are at Frutti Music Bar. But the Wizards locate the White Circle at their place; Ogron, Anagan, and Gantlos enter the game while Duman stays behind to guard the place and keeping an on the Winx's pets.

IMG 2911

The virtual park.

The pets telepathically communicate with Roxy about the situation who then tells her friends. They return home and enter the game as well while Timmy deals with the computer side of things. The Winx have trouble as this park is a virtual one so their spells have no effect until Timmy manipulates the computer's coding.

Once the girls have located the White Circle the Wizards seek to steal it from them. Bloom hatches an idea and she, Flora and Aisha let go of it. The White Circle is now in the Black Circle but because of their strong opposing energies an explosion occurs and both sides are forced out of the game. Luckily, the Circle is still in the Winx's hands.

The park is then overrun by extensive vegetation as Diana, The Major of Nature, returns Gardenia to its more natural habitat. She is confronted by the Specialists; they demand her return the city to its urban state. The Nature Fairy becomes enraged at the lack of respect and fights them. The first to fall are Sky, Brandon, Timmy, and Riven. Nabu and Helia, being more pacifist, try to reason with her again. This time with Helia explaining that there are still many who care deeply about nature but Diana's unwillingness to see past revenge is only contributing to its destruction. Diana refuses to listen and overpowers Helia but Nabu is able to defend himself. Diana eventually kidnaps the fallen Specialists to her domain.

After dealing with their side of the battle, the Winx teleport to the park and see a weakened Nabu. Nabu informs them that Diana was too powerful and he was unable to protect their friends, who are now the Amazon Fairies captives in their kingdom. Upon hearing this news, Musa starts to cry fearing that she could lose Riven. Bloom comforts her.


Aisha, not fazed by the threat.

In "The Frozen Tower," while the Winx and Specialists (with Roxy and Artu tagging along) enjoy their group date. They notice the temperatures are oddly cooler than normal. They brush it off until Nebula appears before them. She is here as a messenger and not threat; she delivers Morgana's message in that the Winx must retrieve the Wizards from Sybilla's protection and deliver them to the Earth Fairies or Aurora, The Major Fairy of the North, will freeze the entire planet.

The Winx stand firm against the wager and Nebula firmly restates the message before teleporting away. After she leaves, the group discusses this and though the Specialists desperately want to join them on their mission, the Winx inform them that only they can because they were given the task. Though reluctant, the Specialists agree and head to work with Artu.

As the group part ways, Roxy gets another telepathic message from Morgana. Roxy tries her best to resist communication but Morgana insists that she just wants to help her. Roxy ignores her and the girls leave the park.


After Bloom saved the Pixies (who had come to Gardenia to cheer up a depressed Bloom) and escaped the clutches of the vampire group, the Children of the Night who were tasked to capture her, Bloom and the Pixies return to the former's home. But, the vampires have followed them. Fearing for the safety of her parents and other bystanders, Bloom and the Pixies lead them to Gardenia Park. After a few moments of keeping them at bay, they are joined by the rest of Winx who fends the vampires off temporarily. The group then share a moment with their bonded Pixies, both groups having missed each other.


Stella recognizes the park.

Bloom compliments their impeccable timing. Flora then informs her that Eldora's flower, the Lenugia, is here in Gardenia. But Musa says they do not know its location. That is when Bloom informs her friends that she does because it was in one her childhood drawings.


The Winx are reunited.

Stella starts to notice the familiar surrounding and Bloom reminds her that this was where the two of them met. They share their fond memories, looking at how far they had come, and if Stella had not brought Bloom to Alfea there would not have been a Winx Club. The girls tell Bloom how much they had miss her and Bloom apologizes for running away, explaining how horrible she felt for believing Selina and almost accidentally hurting Flora. The girls share a hug. But Tecna reminds them that the vampires are still lurking about. They consult Daphne who tells them that although the vampires possess superhuman strength and hypnosis powers, they have a weakness: sunlight. Stella proudly states she will use her powers against them and Daphne wishes them good luck. Armed with this knowledge, the Winx leave the park to search for the vampires.


StellaBloomKnut - Sp1

In "Winx Club: The Fate of Bloom," after unwillingly receiving her bike, Bloom and Kiko head to the park. While Bloom relaxes under a tree with an apple, Kiko, who wandered off for bit, returns to her in a panic. Kiko leads her to an area in the park where they both witness a battle between a fairy, Stella, an ogre, Knut and his ghouls.

The two could not believe their eyes and when Knut knocks Stella off her feet and take her scepter, Bloom steps in. Annoyed by her interference, Knut orders his ghouls to attack her. In response to flight or fight, Bloom conjures up her first shield that dispatches the attacking ghouls, much to her astonishment. Knut, now really irritated, takes matters into his own hands and grabs ahold of Bloom, swinging her around. This time, Bloom releases a powerful burst of energy that stuns Knut his minions.

Stella faints Nick

Stella is then able to reclaim her stolen scepter and checks on Bloom. When she sees that Bloom is alright, Knut realizes that this is losing battle and teleports away.

Glad that they are gone, Stella faints due to exhaustion. Concerned for her well-being, Bloom and Kiko take her back home.


Season 1

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