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The Gem of Empathy is one of the gem stones the Winx will have to acquire to earn the Sirenix transformation.


It is located on the throne in Data Bridge Castle in the oceans of Zenith. In order for the Winx to get it, they must use a powerful convergence spell. A mistake lead Aisha and Tecna to fight against each other, Bloom realized that if they want to earn the gem, they have to join their power together.

The Gem of Empathy is colored purple and in the Sirenix Box, it is located on the opposite point with the Gem of Self-Confidence of a star along the Gem of Courage being at its left side and the yellow gem being at its right side.

Like the other gems, they must solve two riddles per gem and must travel to the oceans of Melody and Zenith.

They must travel to the Song Wharf in Melody, where Matlin, Musa's mother, sing the riddle to her. West to Song Wharf is the Ruby Reef, where the Coral Harp is found. They must play the harp and record it. After that, they must understand its message and find the location of the Gem of Empathy, which is in Data Bridge Castle in Zenith.


  • Like a ruby shining under the sea, corals are strings that you feel in a key.

  • To find the gem, you must understand the message in the harp's music.

  • The Winx had to understand the message in the Ruby Reef's music. It leads them to Data Bridge Castle in which Aisha, Bloom and Tecna have unity.


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