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The Giant of the Valley is a magical creature introduced in Season 7.


It was formed underground where the Digmoles lived. After the Winx defeated the monster, the leftover debris cause a magical force to give the Winx the Butterflix transformation.


The Giant of the Valley resembles a large golem with six arms. Sharp rock formations stick out from the Giant's body, hands, and back. 



The Digmoles were once abundant in the Magic Dimension, but nearly became extinct at the hands of the Giant of the Valley, leaving only one left.


The Winx saved the Digmoles from the brink of extinction at the hands of the Giant of the Valley.


Season 7

Faragonda and Mavilla looking on at the giant.

In "Butterflix," at some point in the past, Brafilius summons the Giant of the Valley to rise and gather the Digmoles. The girls attempt to attack it but they yield no results as it is seemingly impervious to direct attacks. After capturing the Digmoles it starts to descend underground, much to Kalshara's dismay as she has not yet laid her hands on a Digmole. Kalshara attempts to attack Mavilla but is turned into a kitten by Faragonda. Brafilius saves her from Faragonda's clutches and transports away with her.

The Winx, having gained Butterflix.

Meanwhile, the Winx and Roxy utilize the strategy of hitting each one of the giant's arms to free the Digmoles, which in turn will defend themselves. Their plan is successful as the Digmoles compromise the integrity of the giant, which causes it to collapse. From the rubble comes stone formations that grant the Winx Butterflix as they have proven themselves worthy as the true defenders of the Fairy Animals. After Faragonda receives praise from Mavilla and releases her Digmole into the wild, the Winx say their goodbyes and prepare to transport back to their own time. Stella states she knows just where to host the park's grand opening party, hinting at the Valley of Fruit.

Magical Abilities

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  • In some concept arts, it is referred as "Giant Elemental."
  • In the recap for "Butterflix," the narrator refers it as an "Elemental Monster."


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