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The Gifts of Destiny are described by the Ethereal Fairies as the evolution of the Believix power. The Gifts of Destiny are used to combat the power of the Major Fairies.


  • Sophix, the Gift of Wisdom, merges the emotional and instinctual energies of the user with their Believix energy to give them complete harmony with nature. It is a white flower with green leaves, which resembles Diana's source of energy. The Blue Ethereal Fairy gave this to them.
  • Lovix, the Gift of Heart, inspires the user enough courage to face a great danger they must face. It is a light blue heart made of ice. The Green Ethereal Fairy gave this to them.
  • The Black Gift is the most dangerous, yet most beautiful gift among the three because it has the ability to revive anything from the dead. It is a dark sphere, with a black and purple electric aura. There are purple bolts that crackle around it. This gift can be summoned and used only once. The Orange Ethereal Fairy gave this to them.


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