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Giga is a PopPixie character. He is the PopPixie of Growth. He do his first and only appearance in "A Funny Pet".



Giga has brown afro hair. He has tan skin and wears a green shirt underneath a yellow jersey with "1" written on it. He wears blue pants and orange shoes. He also has yellow wrist bands.


Giga, like other male pop pixies, wears a helmet and a spandex suit. He wears blue wrist bands with basketball drawing. In his suit, there is also a basketball drawing. His suit is primarily red, orange and yellow.


Like Morpho, used to play tricks with Lockette, probably showing his affection for her. In some instances, he uses his power to help others such as when he takes the fruit from a tree for Amore.

Magical Abilities


Giga has the ability to manipulate his own size by glowing green and shrinking or growing. But with the enhanced magic of the Magic Pop, he can manipulate the others' sizes too.