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Gnomes are beings who appear in PopPixie. They appear in Winx Club renamed as Muppies.


The Gnomes are the elders of the city of Pixieville and difficult to get along with. Together with their families, the quaint Gnomes live in their own district. Gnomes are gruff and suspicious, but they are also comical figures.


They are short, and have a bit of a gruff look making them seem suspicious. Their voices can also be a bit gruff, and they are elderly having winkles.

List of all PopPixie Gnomes

Magical Abilities

They do not have magical powers. The predominating traits of rich gnomes are their stinginess and their dressing style, which is very aristocratic.

Winx Club

The Gnomes were introduced in the Winx Club continuity in Season 8, renamed as "Muppies". They live in a village on Solaria.

In "Dress Fit For A Queen," Stella visits Grind's shop in the Muppy Village.


  • Gnomes are legendary creatures found in European folklore where they are most usually depicted as small human-like beings who live underground.
  • Pixieville Bank is where Gnomes keep most of their wealth but each has other hiding places.
  • The Gnomes own many buildings in Pixieville, with two of them being the Pixie Plaza and the Toy Shop.