The Golden Auditorium is a prestigious music school, located in Melody, the realm of music. The headmistress of the school is a friend of Daphne.


The school is gold, circular and surrounded by many trees. It has teal steps which leads into a wide front porch that is almost completely enclosed by golden walls where the structure is a bit wavy.The door is in the middle and golden walls circle and decorate the majority of the building, there are windows on the top level and roof, as well as a round magenta ball on the very top.


  • Entrance hall - In the entrance hall of the auditorium are statues of famous personalities such as a conductor named Silimandro and LePhobus one of the first and most famous violinists.
  • Concert hall - The concert hall serves the students of the Golden Auditorium for rehearsals. There are many rare instruments, such as the Shining Wings of the Malorix Fairies, whose tones create spring colors, or a magic violin whose tones are visible through color reflections.
  • Pandemonium Cave - It is a legendary place and an elaborate system of caves deep underground the school. The Pandemonium Sprites are said to reside in it.

School Uniform

The Golden Auditorium's students

The Golden Auditorium's students

The students are both males and females. They have various hair colors. The males wear blue coats and white polo shirts in them. They have blue pants too. The girls mostly has their hair tied upwards with ponytails, and some of them wear headbands. They wear detailed blue and purple dresses also. 


Season 6

In "The Golden Auditorium", Daphne announces to her students that she has received special permission to visit the auditorium. When the Winx and Daphne arrive at the school, Musa demonstrates her knowledge of the musicians that are displayed there as statues. Daphne then introduces her old friend Diletta, the auditorium's headmistress. Diletta greets them and asks if she could speak to Daphne in private.

While Daphne and Diletta discuss about the incident that happened at Linphea College, the Winx went to explore the school. They enter a music hall where there were several people playing music, Musa explains the various instruments that are situated there. When Caramel questions Musa on the auditorium's considerable distance from everything else, Musa discloses a legend in which there is a cave system located beneath the school that housed the Pandemonium Sprites - creatures that possessed a deafening shriek that carries the capacity to shatter glass.


Screenshot from main hall of Golden Auditorium

Selina summons the pandemonium sprites and they attack the Winx, unleashing their deafening cry. Musa lures them away from the music hall with music into the cavern Tecna located, Musa then subdues them with her voice. And because of their smart thinking they earned their Bloomix. Using their newly found powers, Tecna and Musa vanquishes the pandemonium sprites once and for all. Diletta then expresses her gratitude and reveals that their song they had created will forever be remembered as it echos throughout the auditorium.


#126: The Magic Exhibition

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