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The Golden Kingdom is a dimension introduced in Season 3. The Golden Kingdom is a place that exists both inside and outside of time where the the Council of Elders resides and presides, and where the Water Stars are kept.

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At the beginning of the magic universe the Dragon's Flame and the Water Stars were created but since they were opposite powers they would cause chaos if they remained in the Magic Dimension. So a group of wizards collected the Water Stars and sent them to the Golden Kingdom[1][2].


Season 3

Tthe Winx and the Specialists had to go to the Veil Mist Forest so they could seek the Water Stars in the Golden Kingdom to find a way of defeating Valtor[1]. In the Forest, they had to face tree-like carnivorous creatures before finding the doors of the Golden Kingdom at the base of the Red Tower in the Veil Mist Forest, after which they were attacked by the Tower's Pegataur guards.

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On the final door there was an inscription in an ancient script which Bloom could read, and which warned that only magic creatures with noble hearts and pure souls could enter the Tower[3]. The Winx used their Fairy Dust on themselves to remove all the darkness in them and except Bloom, whose Enchantix was incomplete, the Winx girls first used their Miniaturization powers, making them small enough to go through the door of the Golden Kingdom.

Once the Winx had entered the Golden Kingdom, they were greeted by a goblin-like being who guided them until an area with a water basin at its center where they were received by the Council of Elders. Stella explained that the Winx needed the Water Stars to take away Valtor's powers and save the Magic Dimension, and t he Council of Elders decided to put the Winx through the test of the Water Stars to prove that they deserved to obtain them.

The test was that Tecna, Stella and Musa had to choose between the Water Stars and what was more important than anything else for them in the world, and they each chose the Water Stars: Stella lost her beauty, Musa had to give up the hope of reviving her mother again and Tecna sacrificed her feelings and her love for Timmy and started thinking like a robot.

After they earned the Water Stars, Arcadia made Stella beautiful again and gave Tecna her feelings back but she told Musa that even if it was impossible to make Musa's mother alive again, she would always be alive in Musa's heart.


The Portal to the Golden Kingdom is found at the base of the Red Tower, which is in the Veil Mist Forest on the other side of The Barrier of Magix.

The entrance of the Golden Kingdom looks like an infinite lake with a starry night sky above it, in which there is a magical cloud which sends anyone who entered it to a golden hall filled with golden columns where there were many unique magical objects, such as dust from the very first shooting star, a black-colored box made of gold which contained the first spell ever used and a portrait of Arcadia, who is the first Fairy to have ever existed.

The hall leads to a circular clearing at the center of which is a circular water basin with a large stone in its middle. This is where the meetings of the Council of the Elders take place. Within the Golden Kingdom is a Crystal Labyrinth through which those who seek the Water Stars have to go as a test to prove that they deserve to obtain them.

The Council of Elders can change the arrangement of the Golden Kingdom, since when the Winx went to seek the Water Stars, they found themselves at the entrance of the Crystal Labyrinth immediately addressing the Council near the water basin without having to move themselves[3].

According to Arcadia, all that has ever existed still exists in the Golden Kingdom since time bends around in a circle within it[3].




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