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Golem Monsters
The Golem Monsters are magical creatures introduced in Season 8.


The Golem Monster is a magic-based being made entirely out of stone. It carries a large crystal on its back.


The Golem Monster is made up of light brown rocks and has a giant crystal on its back. It either has one eye or two eyes that glow much like the crystal on its back does. It additionally has an underbite and a hole on the top of its head which reveals a magical glow on the inside. The Golem Monster has a bulky and hunched over body.


Season 8

The Golem Monsters were first seen being powered up by a robot mech (which was later revealed to be piloted by Obscurum), who provided them with energy from Lumenia's river. They soon engaged the Winx in combat. Although the Winx weren't able to use their magic to damage the Golems, they had some assistance from the Specialists, whose weapons proved effective against the Golem Monsters.   

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