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The Great Book of Fairies (also simply known as the Book of Fairies) is a book that Faragonda gave the Winx in Season 4.

The great book of fairies

After the Winx accepted her offer to teach at Alfea, Faragonda showed them the Hall of Enchantments.


The Book of Fairies contains all the known information about Fairies from the whole Magic Dimension to the Earth and their powers. From this book the Winx obtained information about different Fairy Levels, including Higher Fairy forms and their abilities. It is also written in this book, that if a fairy earned her Believix, she will be stronger if more people believe in magic.


The Great Book of Fairies is an orange-brown and yellow colored book. The name of the book is shown on the cover page.


Season 4

When the Winx went toEarth, they used it to help them in their mission to restore magic on Earth and to save the Earth Fairies and, ironically, to save the Wizards of the Black Circle from the Fairies of Revenge by leading them to Sibylla's cave.


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