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==Magical Abilities==
==Magical Abilities==
It can shoots out blue colour electricity like the [[Electropus]].
It can shoots out blue color electricity like the [[Electropus]].

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The Great Lizard Spirit is a magical creature that appears in "Acheron" and "Winx Forever".


It has a certain resemblance to the dragons, but only this one has some scales like crocodiles (lizards). It has three heads, glowing green eyes, sharp teeth, and grey scales.


Season 6Edit

In "Acheron", after the Winx made Cloud Tower back to normal. Acheron did not give up and decided to invoke the Great Lizard Spirit below Cloud Tower to attack the Winx. Bloom decided to go alone to Legendarium while the others were still fighting the beast.

In "Winx Forever", the Winx tried to defeat the Great Lizard Spirit but it was too hard, with the help of Selina, she reverse the spell of the beast, also returning the powers of magic schools.

Magical AbilitiesEdit

It can shoots out blue color electricity like the Electropus.


  • When Acheron says it is a lizard, rather it is a dragon.
  • It almost looks like 3D when it is invoked, this the only creature that looks like this.


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