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Green dragons
The Green Dragons of the Great Wall are legendary creatures that live at the Shrine of the Green Dragons, near the Great Wall of China, Earth.


The Green Dragons are powerful creatures that live nearby the Great Wall. According to Chinese Traditions, they are friendly creatures. Since Selina summoned them from Oblivion, the people of China must have forgotten them long ago. They are mentioned in the Legendarium:

A long time ago, the most powerful creatures that ever existed lived along the Great Wall.


Green Dragons look like ordinary dragons, which are mainly green and has a necklace, where the pearl can be found at the center. They have yellow hair and mustache, too. They have hands and legs that have sharp claws. Their hair runs from their head down their tail. They have white scales on their front. They have yellow eyes and red iris. They have sharp, white teeth.


Season 6

In "Shrine of the Green Dragon", Selina evoked three green dragons from the Legendarium to destroy their shrine. But with the aid of Lu Wei, the Winx put the pearls back on their collar, which reverts the curse of the Legendarium on them.

Magical Abilities

Since they are dragons, they are agile in mid air. They also have the ability to breath green flames. They are also flexible and are strong enough to break through magic spells. They are also powerful enough to take powerful energies without being scratched.


Their only weakness is their Pearl of Restraint. These are found on the heads of the dragons at the mountain near the shrine. When those are put back on their collars, they will regain their consciousness and will become friendly again.


  • It is the first legendary creature summoned from the Legendarium returning to normal despite being somehow manipulated.
  • It is also the first legendary creature from the Legendarium which remained in the real world permanently after it was summoned.


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