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The Green Ethereal Fairy is an extremely powerful fairy who lives outside of time and space.


She has pale green skin, solid blue eye's, and pale purple lips. More Coming soon...


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Season 4

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Magical Abilities

The Ethereal Fairies are powerful magical creatures. They are timeless and immortal, existing outside of time. They can travel from interdimensinally as seen when they appeared to the Winx when they were traveling through an interdimensional portal from Aurora's Frost Tower to their lounge at Love & Pet. The Ethereal Fairies are the guardians of the Gifts of Destiny. They also know what will happen in the future and can warn the beings they are supposed to help. The Ethereal Fairies were destined to help the Winx defend the Earth from the Wizards of the Black Circle and from the vengeance of the Earth Fairies.


  • She is inspired by Lachesis, the Fate of Greek mythology who measures the thread of life allotted to each person with her measuring rod.
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