Greenix is a Fairy Form exclusive to the comics. It only appears in Issue 160: A Dive on Lynphea.


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The girls' outfits are mainly comprised of large leaves, flower petals and vines reminiscent of Sophix. Though, unlike Sophix, each girls' outfit is much less individualized and thus, look more uniform. The Winx's hair also does not change when taking on their Greenix forms.

Each of them wear short dresses made of leaves with the dress skirts made from large flower petals all bound together by vines. More vines encircle their arms and legs like bands and a majority of the girls go barefoot (Flora and Tecna being the only ones seen with shoes). Their wings also appear to be large leaves containing the same pattern. Naturally, their dresses and wings contain the signature colors of each Winx fairy.

Magical Abilities

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Known Greenix Fairies



  • The name Greenix is derived from the word "green."
  • This is the second comic exclusive transformation with an "-ix" suffix with the first being Travelix.
  • This is the third nature-based transformation with the first being Sophix and the second being Butterflix.
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