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Guardian Fairies are Enchantix fairies introduced in Winx Club: The Secret of the Lost Kingdom.


Guardian Fairies are graduated Alfea fairies who are guardians of their respective homeworlds, bound to protect them from evil and destruction. During their graduation ceremony on the Day of the Gift, graduating fairies achieve ultimate harmony with the Magic Dimension. While Enchantix signifies the completion of a fairy's formal educational journey, and hence a Guardian Fairy, the position of "Guardian Fairy" proceeds Enchantix status and is forever a part of the graduated fairies. The Earth Fairies are their homeworld's guardians since ancient times.



The Winx and Faragonda in the Hall of Enchantments.

In "The Fairy Hunters," Faragonda brings the Winx into the Hall of Enchantments where holograms of them, graduated Enchantix fairies and celebrities of Alfea, appear. She reminds the Winx that a fairy's life is an endless journey and one must never believe they are at its end. She also tells them that because of their considerable powers and strength they have become Guardian Fairies, guardians of their world.

In "The Devourer," Stella uses her position as Guardian Fairy of Solaria to convince her father, King Radius, that she is informed about the current events concerning Tritannus being discussed at the Council of Soverigns.


The Winx receiving their gifts.

The Winx (except Bloom) graduate on the Day of the Gift and receive their titles as Guardian Fairies of their respective homeworlds, achieving pure harmony with the Magic Dimension. Later, the Specialists enter the Winx's dorm and greet the Winx. Brandon, Helia, and Timmy talk to their respective fairies about their status as Guardian Fairies, with Timmy excited about the fact that Tecna is linked to every computer and electronic device in the world. At night, Bloom and Sky head out to Alfea's courtyard for a walk. As the Winx cheer them on from their balcony, Bloom becomes sad about the fact that she did not graduate.

Bartelby announcing Bloom a true Guardian Fairy.

To protect one's kingdom and their people is what makes a real Guardian Fairy, and since she has no people to protect due to her planet's destruction, she feels like a princess without a kingdom. If only she had been able to find her parents, she would have accomplished her mission, reached harmony, and become a rightful Guardian Fairy. Now, she feels as if her chance and hope are both gone. Later, Bloom completes her Enchantix by defeating Mandragora and liberating Domino, and Bartelby announces her a true Guardian Fairy.

The Winx, announced to be Guardian Fairies of the Magic Dimension, are invited to the Alfea beginning of the year ceremony, as they are the most famous Alfea alumni.

Known Guardian Fairies


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