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Guardian Selkies
Guardian Selkies are Selkies that guard and protect the Pillars of the Infinite Ocean.


The Guardian Selkies are many like the other selkies. They seem to be as powerful as the keepers of the ocean gates, but are stronger than the ordinary selkies. Their powers are too weak against Dark Sirenix. They guard all three Pillars of the Infinite Ocean. Since they are of a higher rank, the selkies show respect to them.


The Guardian Selkies have thin bodies with gold and purple streaks and a red tail. They have blue eyes, purple veil, golden helmets, and a long, gold, sword-like weapon.


Season 5

In "The Pillar of Light," they attempt to defend the Pillar against the Trix and Tritannus but fail because their powers are too weak compared to them, and let him get the seal.

In "The Singing Whales," they attempt to protect the seal of the Pillar of Balance, but get knocked down by Tritannus and let him get the seal.

In "Listen to Your Heart", they appear with the other keepers to guard the Pillar of Control but are defeated by the Trix. Later, they fight with them again.

In "Battle for the Infinite Ocean," they fight with the Winx, the Selkies of the entire Magic Dimension, Nereus, and Tressa against Tritannus, Icy, and the Mutants.

Magical Abilities

They use sword-like weapons to shoot gold, energy rays. According to the Winx's selkies, the Guardian Selkies can summon them.


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