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Guardians of Sirenix are the Sirenix Guardians of the Winx Club. They help the Winx Club achieve Sirenix by giving them hints and vague clues to where to find the Gem of Self-Confidence, Gem of Empathy and Gem of Courage by giving them vague answers that make the Winx Club think of where those gems could be.


After Winx got the Sirenix Boxes from the Sirenix Book, they were able to call their Guardians to get Sirenix Clues to find the locations of the Gem of Self Confidence, the Gem of Empathy, and the Gem of Courage to complete their Sirenix quest. Then, the Guardians activated the Source of Sirenix in Lake Roccaluce and called Omnia, the Supreme Guardian of Sirenix who opened the gate to Infinite Ocean and gave the Winx their Sirenix power. Later, they were called in The Pillar of Light to find how to defeat the mutants of Tritannus and Faraway Reflections to find the Eye of Inspiration.


  • Only Aisha's Sirenix Guardian wasn't seen fully and clearly. She's just briefly seen with the other guardians, using her power to open the gate, but she finally made her debut in Episode 517 when the Winx were looking for the eye of inspiration.
  • Bloom's and Aisha's guardians are almost completely identical. Mainly because both of them are blue.
  • Musa's Guardian of Sirenix is  the Most rarely seen guardian of All,She only Appeared Twice,the First is on helping the Winx to find the Coral Harp,the Second is In the Episode "Sirenix "with all the other Guardians.
  • Aisha's Sirenix Guardian is the only one seen in 3D.


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