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Guru is the teacher who teaches fighting to the students of the Linphea College.


He is an old man with long white hair, a Fu Manchu mustache and a long white beard. He has black eyes and two red dots on his forehead. He wears brown baggy pants and a white tunic over which there is a brown shirt. Over these he wears a long green coat that is tied with a brown belt at his waist. He has green arm bands on his forearms and he wears brown boots. He holds a magical wooden staff which emits light at its top end.


He appears to be strict but kind and very polite. He disapproves inappropriate behavior, which he calls "barbarian" and prefers when his students have civilized behavior when they are training.


Season 6

He is first seen with the Specialists and Paladins at Linphea College, teaching them about the weapons of nature and gets them to spar with one another to learn. While he watches them train, the Winx arrive and Stella loudly greets Brandon prompting the teacher to ask who that loud person is.

When Selina summoned the Treants to attack, he tries his best to defend himself but was unsuccessful, having been capture by the Treants.


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