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Gypsy Gips was an alias, used by Maxine during episode 28.



Cherie jealous of Gypsy Gips

When Rex made up a plan to to steal to golden scepter of Arsenio, Maxine disguised herself as a beautiful and elegant Pixie named Gypsy Gips to let him fall in love to her.


She has long dark blue hair with curly ends. She has dark eyes, fair skin, wears dark grey eye shadow, and dark purple lip stick. She has on a necklace, and a yellow, orange, and red layered dress, and a flower in her hair. 



On the party Arsenio organized to celebrate they will be married soon, he arrived and introduce his future bride. But Cherie

Gypsy Gips with Arsenio and Martino

 was very jealous on her. When Cherie walked into the hall of the Pixie Plaza, she saw her and 3 butlers talking to each other. Then she saw that "Gypsy Gips" was really Maxine and the butlers were Rex, Floxy and Narcissa. With the help of Chatta's Pop Pixie Powers, Cherie heard that the four Elves put a bomb

The cake in which the bomb was placed

into the cake and want to steal the golden scepter of Arsenio. Cherie and Martino tried to unmask the Elves, but they failed and got expelled from the party. After that, Amore

The elves disguised

give them a magic potion that when someone drinks it he or she is forced to tell the truth. They succeeded to get the potion into Maxine's mouth, she told to Arsenio that she was an elf and she and her friends want to steal his scepter. Arsenio became very disappointed, but then the bomb exploded and the podium was set on fire. Into the chaos, Rex steals his scepter and run away together his friends. But Cherie, Caramel and Martino succeeded to stop them and Arensio gets his scepter back.
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