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Hagen is the master swordsmith of indestructible swords. His character is proud and hardened by grief at the disappearance of his friends of the Company of Light. After that event, for centuries he had been locked up in a castle far away from the world, without contact with civilization. He is wise, severe, very strong and courageous even if in the first instance appears to be a little evil. He is the headmaster of the blacksmiths college in Hoggar.


Hagen has brown eyes, thick black eyebrows, and a long white beard and mustache. He wears gold colored shoulder pads, a red cape, brown pants, gold armor boots, and a blue tunic like shirt with gold details, that is short in the front and long in the back.  


Hagen seems to be gruff, very rough and tough at first but he has a soft side. He is very wise and strong and does not give up easily as shown when he tried to find Oritel. He prefers to be alone as shown in the first movie, where he lives in a secluded area. He has a minor crush on Faragonda and is especially nice to her.


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