The Halberd of the Wind is Nex's magical weapon. It is first seen in "The Flying School."


It appears to be a long halberd with a shining blue energy blade at the top.



In "The Flying School", Nex receives the Halberd. During the match, he uses it against Roy to repel his attacks twice. Then, he creates a strong gust of wind which later knocks Roy off the training course. Later, he uses it against the Treants thrice when Selina woke them up.

In "Bloomix Power," he uses it against the Cloud Tower witches, blowing them off.

In "Zombie Invasion," he uses to fight against the Pirate Zombies summoned from the Legendarium.

In "The Curse of Fearwood," Nex summons it to prepare to attack the Werewolves summoned by Selina. He then uses it against a werewolf.

In "The Magic Totem," Nex is seen with it when the Werewolves were surrounding them.

In "The Anthem," he summons it to attack the Cloud Tower Elites. He then uses to attack Veronique and Kanika but failed because of the Intangibility Spell.

In "Legendary Duel," he uses it to deflect Icy's attack.

In "The First Color of the Universe", Nex summons it to reflect the Giant Tortoise's attack.

In "Banana Day", he uses it to attack the Banana Monsters.

In "The Golden Butterfly," Nex uses it against the Trix's barrier along with Helia's Rose Thorn Bracelet but failed. Then, he uses it twice in a combined attack along with the Specialists and Nex against the Trix's barrier but failed.


#124: Attack of the Centaurs

Nex uses his halberd against an army of Centaurs to help back up the Winx as they make protecting the panicking fair-goers their main priority. He blasts a Centaur away alongside Roy and his Sand Shield.

Magical Abilities

The Halberd is able to release powerful wind blasts that can knock a target several feet away. While in use, it sometimes releases a blue ray of energy towards the target.



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