Estamos en el archivo secreto de Alfea
The Hall of Enchantments is a secret library inside Alfea that debuts in Season 4.


The Hall of Enchantments is located behind Faragonda's mirror and is described as "the heart of Alfea." According to Faragonda, only a few honored people are aware of the hall's existence. Inside the Hall of Enchantments are many books and an entire hallway devoted to displaying the enemies of the Magic Dimension, which Faragonda refers to as "the shadows of Magix".


Season 4


Stella holding the Great Book of Fairies.

In "The Fairy Hunters," Faragonda presents the Winx with the Agador Box containing six golden pairs of Enchantix wings. These wings are keys to the Hall of Enchantments. Inside the hall, Faragonda gives the Great Book of Fairies to the Winx. The Great Book of Fairies contains much of what a fairy must know, including everything about fairies, their powers, and the history of fairies. Faragonda then tells the Winx that there are an infinite number of levels a fairy can reach, and also tells them about Believix, a Higher Fairy Form just above Enchantix.

Bloom wanders off and looks around and finds a part of the hall which contains paintings of every single enemy the Winx have faced and even some forgotten figures. Faragonda says that this part of the hall as contains the likeness of all the enemies of Magix and of the Magic Dimension; the Shadows of Magix. Bloom notices a covered painting on the wall, and as she attempts to uncover it, Faragonda protests. After Bloom uncovers the painting, Faragonda dodges Bloom's questions about the men in the picture and guides her back to the Winx. As Faragonda and Bloom walk away, one of the men's eyes glow.

Later, after the Wizards of the Black Circle attack Alfea, Faragonda brings the Winx into the Hall of Enchantments and hands them the Great Book of Fairies, telling them that they must begin their journey to become Believix fairies in order to combat the Wizards of the Black Circle.

In "The Tree of Life," it is revealed that Tecna has received special digital access to the library from Faragonda as she uses it for research. Thanks to a diagram of the Tree of Life, the Winx realize they can visit the tree to find the location of the Last Earth Fairy.




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