The Hall of Memories, formerly known as the Hall of Fairy Animals, is a place seen in Season 7.


The Hall of Memories is a room in the Alfea Underfloors where a natural source of Wild Magic and the Stone of Memories were once kept. Previously, an incantation was required to open its doors.


Known as the "Hall of Fairy Animals," this hall housed a large natural source of Wild Magic. When she was a student at Alfea, Kalshara entered the hall and absorbed the Wild Magic, turning the walls into glass and turning herself into a shapeshifting, cat-like creature.


Season 7


Faragonda introduces to the Winx the Hall of Memories.

In "Young Fairies Grow Up," in order to learn more about the Digmole's secret, Faragonda brings the Winx to the Hall of Memories and reveals to them the Stone of Memories, an item which allows its user to travel back into the past. Faragonda splits the stone into seven individual stones and entrusts them to the Winx. Using the Stones of Memories, the Winx travel to Alfea of the past to learn more about the secret of the Digmoles.


Kalshara discovering the Wild Magic source.

In "Butterflix," in the past, as Kalshara walks through the underfloors with a page from the Tome of Nature in hand, she relays to herself that the first step toward gaining the Ultimate Power is to find a natural source of Wild Magic. She arrives at the door to the Hall of Fairy Animals, and after opening the door with an incantation from the page, she enters it and absorbs the Wild Magic source, which turns her into a shapeshifting, cat-like creature. With her newfound knowledge of the Digmoles and their involvement in the Ultimate Power thanks to Wild Magic, she steals a spark of the remaining magic and runs out of the hall.

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