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Harmonix Heroines is a game on the Nicklodeon website.

How to Play

The player defeats "ice dragons" by clicking a character's button at the bottom of the screen. It is basically like a dancing game where the player pushes arrows. When the bar is full, the player unleashes a special attack.


  • Bloom's attack is an exploding red spark ball.
  • Flora's attack is an exploding green spark ball.
  • Stella's attack is in a yellow-orange umbrella shape with some orange and pink stars.
  • Musa's attack is a purple/hot pink ball that explodes into purple/hot pink droplets.
  • Tecna's attack is neon green snowflakes.
  • Aisha's attack is a white 'X' shaped strike. Possibly it is Thirteenth Seal.

Special Attacks

  • Bloom's special attack is a red dragon head with orange-yellow outlines. It might be the "Dragon's Flame" spell.
  • Flora's special attack is a dark spring green energy ball with colorful flowers inside.
  • Stella's special attack is a yellow energy ball with light yellow middles and hot pink/purple and orange outlines.
  • Musa's special attack is some purple/hot pink sound waves.
  • Tecna's special attack is a neon green energy ball with little bits of white.
  • Aisha's special attack is a perfectly round Morphix-coloured energy ball with some blue, green and white stripes.

External Links

Click here to play the game.


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