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The Hawk Spirit is an ancient legendary creature in Egypt, Earth.


The Hawk Spirit must be a very maleficent creature, who have lived for ages. Its appearance could be a hint that it is a pharaoh from Ancient Egypt.

A long time ago, there lived a Hawk Spirit, a dangerous being.


It has tan skin and a nicely-built body. It has brown shoes and below-the-knees, yellow skirt. It has a blue belt with a red orb at the center, which has yellow borders. It wears blue green bracelets that also has red orbs and yellow borders. Its head is like a hawk, only with blue hair and red eyes. It also has a blue necklace on its neck with another red orb at the middle.


Season 6

Hawk Spirit's Attack

The Hawk Spirit about to attack.

In "The Fairy Godmother", Eldora told the Winx that she took Selina to the Library of Alexandria to show her the Legendarium. She read the story of the Hawk Spirit out loud by accident and it showed up and it was going to attack them. Eldora turned it into a pig and Selina sent it back into the Legendarium.



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