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Forest on Pyros

Herbivorous Dragons from Pyros

The Herbivorous Dragons are a species of dragons found in the Wildlands of Magix and on Pyros.


The herbivorous dragons are reptilian creatures with four legs and a long tail. They have a frill made of many horns on their neck and a long horn on their nose. They have large scales on their body to protect them and tube-shaped elongated mouths with a thin tongue, like that of an anteater. Their skins are purplish-brown and green.


The herbivorous dragons appear to be peaceful and afraid of other dragons.


Although they seem stocky, they can be fast runners.




A herbivorous Dragon being released from the net traps.

Some herbivorous dragons were hypnotized by Darcy to capture Bloom and dispose of her friends for Darkar. Forced to obey, the dragons alongside other hypnotized animals chase down the Winx and Specialists, cornering them near a cliff. They are then led through the traps by Riven after studying the Trix's activities. The herbivorous dragons are the ones caught in the traps whereas their targets slip away safely. They are then freed from these traps by Trix in which Stormy berates them for being stupid and getting caught instead. The herbivorous dragons remain under Darcy's power but are no longer used.

They are eventually freed from the hypnosis through a magic dispelling charm placed in some fruits by Musa and Stella.

During her intensive training on Pyros, Bloom encounters Buddy who teaches her the ways of a dragon. The first step is to learn how to walk like a dragon. This walk is to showcase one's toughness and to ensure dominance. Bloom does so successfully as three herbivorous dragons take off running in fear.


  • The Herbivorous Dragons have an appearance similar to that of a Styracosaurus, a horned dinosaur. However their mouths are similar to those of anteaters and the large scales on their backs are like those of armadillos.
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