The Ice Kingdom is a realm located somewhere within the Magic Dimension that has been featured solely within the Winx Club Comic Series. It has never made a physical appearance but debuts in Issue 27: Darko the Black, where it is described as the homeworld of the Trix, Darko and his father, Mazakis.


As revealed by Icy in Issue 27, she, Darcy and Stormy had spent a majority of their childhood living in the Ice Kingdom, during which they befriended Darko, the young son of Mazakis, a powerful member of the Kingdom's court. The four of them often played together but Darko had formed a particular fondness for Icy, so he would make it a habit of his to take Icy out to his secret place to confide in her. He especially enjoyed making her comfortable enough to laugh as he always found her to be beautiful when she did, and this fondness for Icy. Darko held often put her at odds with her sisters, who each held an interest in him.

On Darko's end, this all stemmed from never getting enough acknowledgement from his father, who was always too caught up in amassing and maintaining the wealth he acquired through shady deals he made behind the scenes as a member of the Royal Court.

Eventually, the Trix left the Ice Kingdom to attend Cloud Tower and become powerful witches. Mazakis' shady business practices were also brought into light, which caused him to lose his place on the Royal Court and drove him to flee the Kingdom with his son and faithful butler, Berijas, as he was now being targeted by his many enemies.


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  • The Ice Kingdom is the second realm to be declared as the Trix's homeworld with the first being Whisperia which was added in the 4Kids dub of the series.
  • With how Icy and Darko describe their childhood on the Ice Kingdom, it sounds as though the Trix were raised in a relatively normal lifestyle, but there remains no mention of any parents or caretakers.
  • The Kingdom of Karunda during the Eraklyon Rebellion story arc is another realm that remains unseen yet influential, much like the Ice Kingdom.
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