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Princess Icy is a witch who has been described as having a "heart of ice" and the eldest member of the Trix (a trio of witches) to which she is the leader where she wishes to rule the universe. She is also a former student of Cloud Tower as she and her close friends, Darcy and Stormy, were expelled in the episode "Cold Spell."

In "Dyamond on Ice", it is revealed that Icy is the princess of the planet Dyamond and she has a younger sister named Sapphire.


Icy is a pale-skinned woman with icy blue eyes and long, silvery-blue hair that is mostly pulled back into a high ponytail by a dark teal tube-like hairband with two long curled hairs flowing past her ears and stops at her chest in the front (her hair strands are now straight where it is shown to be hip-length in Season 8). She is almost always seen wearing light blue eye shadow, pale purple lipstick that makes her lips look frostbitten and long blue fingernails.

In "Dyamond on Ice", it is revealed that she used to have a curly blond hair before switching to her current hairstyle.


Her attire consists of a light-blue, backless tank top with a flared collar, a slightly darker blue miniskirt with a thin diamond-studded belt that hangs over it from her waist, and knee-high, bright blue, high-heeled boots.

Witch Forms

Icy's various Witch Forms come in a variation of blues both navy and aqua green to represent her cold and chilling nature.


Icy, as her name infers, is a cold type of person, and often acts cruel for the sake of being cruel to the point of being the cruelest, most vindictive one out of the Trix. She tends to act rude and ridicules people she does not approve of and her temper tends to get the better of her when things do not go her way. As she was taught by Headmistress Griffin, she and the other witches hate the Alfea fairies extremely, and this goes double for the Winx Club, where she loathes either Stella and Bloom in particular due to their constant meddling. As she was already very cruel, Icy always fought her way to be the best and most powerful; a desire that only intensified with every season she and her sisters have continuously appeared to destroy the Winx. Her overwhelming cruelty has also earned her the favor of villains such as Valtor and Tritannus; the latter of whom she goes on to date.

Neither Darcy nor Stormy are safe from Icy's cruelty either as she enjoys tormenting them whenever something goes wrong for them but right for her. She often tries to destroy the Winx without the other members of the Trix, as she considers herself more powerful and intelligent than her sisters are.

Icy had always been able to steal the spotlight as the more evil side involved, regardless of whomever plan she may be following. Throughout the Trix's reappearances, Icy maintains her role as the groups leader while often obtaining the role of second-in-command whenever she and her sisters work under a more powerful evil force like with Darkar and Valtor. Even when they do work with or under others, Icy does not become wholly submissive and, more often than not, Darcy and Stormy are forgotten or left in the background, while either Icy's name is mentioned more or she gets to add direct inputs whenever important matters of the Trix are discussed. Icy's leadership and importance are further emphasized in instances such as the Gloomix she and her sisters received where Darcy and Stormy held mirrored versions of the other, whereas Icy's was a larger, more ornate necklace. In Season 5, Tritannus also never really seemed to notice or care for Darcy and Stormy, often opting to ignoring them while always paying attention to Icy. Eventually, Darcy and Stormy got fed up with the blatant disrespect and deserted them in "The Shark's Eye." Icy would also always be the first to escape whenever she and her sisters would be imprisoned, with the most notable case of this being in "The Princess' Ball" as her ice powers allowed her to do so.

Despite all the special treatment she gets from others while upholding a sense of authority herself, Icy has shown that she does need her sisters whenever a plan is hatched.

Despite her cruelty, Icy is capable of love. She loved Tritannus so much that she was willing to get hurt to protect him, for instance, when she shielded Tritannus from Bloom's attack, taking the blow herself. It is clear that she also loves Darcy and Stormy. At the end of Season 8, when Darcy and Stormy decided to help Icy in the fight against Valtor, Icy hugged and thanked them, proving that she is capable of gratitude. She also showed how much she loved her younger sister Sapphire: saving her sister was more important to Icy than taking the seventh prime star. Ironically, her sisterly love earned her the star.

As of Season 8, since Icy's background story had been retconned, the reason why Icy became so power-hungry is that she wanted to become more powerful than the Shaman Witch herself, in order to undo her spell on Sapphire and save Diamond. Icy's childhood trauma filled Icy's heart with anger and desire for revenge, to the point that Icy became herself cruel, ruthless and even capable of killing anyone standing in her way. Her original goal to save her kingdom later expanded into a desire to rule the world. However she wanted to conquer the Magic Universe, not destroy it. That is why she did not give Valtor the last prime star: she did not want the Magic Universe to suffer the fate of Dyamond. She gave the Prime Star to Bloom instead, proving that she could overlook her hatred for her to avoid the destruction of the Magic Universe.

Other positive qualities of Icy are her intelligence, her tenacity, her charisma and her bravery. She is a very charismatic and effective leader. She is also very clever. She understood the power of the Dragon Flame long before Bloom and she always came up with intelligent plans to get what she wanted. She never gave up despite having been defeated multiple times. She is also unafraid to go up against more powerful enemies. In Season 3, she fought four of the Winx at once and she even attacked Valtor when he taunted her. Even though the Winx, with their Enchantix were more powerful than the Trix, Icy never backed down from a fight. This is seen in Season 8 as well, she was even willing to fight Valtor alongside Darcy and Stormy.

However, despite her intelligence and her bravery, Icy was a bit naive in the sense that she could be doublecrossed by deceptive villains like Darkar, Politea and even Tritannus. However, she learned her lesson and by the end of Season 8, she freed herself from Valtor's mark and she decided to fight him with Darcy and Stormy. Eventually she did not fight him, but she betrayed him, giving the last Prime Star to Bloom. This proves that Icy has eventually learned to mistrust people like Valtor. Overall she is a complex character, with lights and shadows. She also has a sassy attitude and a cutting sense of humour which gives her the ability to mock pretty much everyone, including Valtor himself.


  • STATS: Power (5/5); Craftiness (4/5); Dangerousness (5/5)
  • Type: Witch
  • Magical Element: Ice
  • Temperament: "She is the most charismatic of the Trix, and also the most cruel."
  • Strengths and Abilities: "She is a master at manipulating others, starting with Stormy and Darcy."
  • Weakness: "She is vain and thinks she is the best."
  • Favorite Color: Ice Blue

Magical Abilities

Icy fighting with Bloom

Icy has control over anything cold and related to ice and snow. Like all witches, her powers are derived from the negative aspects of magic (in her case anything cold/frigid and death). Her magic is icy blue and periwinkle/white, but when she received a boost from Tritannus she gained a toxic/neon green aura.

Swarm of ice.png

Icy's powers are based on ice (hence the name) and she is capable of creating objects out of ice, such as daggers or spikes, create snowstorms and many other ice-based (or cold energy based) attacks. She is powered by anything cold and frigid. Icy has mainly shown the ability to freeze other people and objects encasing them in ice but also making them statues. This aspect of her power extends to freezing the wings of fairies making them brittle and break. She can release thin layers of ice, snow, and frost to use as shields or walls to dodge attacks, manipulate the cold winds to create blizzards that freeze an entire alleyways and city block, frost storms and ice spikes, and freezes her enemies' feet to immobilize them, but has not limited herself to just their feet as seen in "The Fall of Magix" where she froze Griffin's hands and lower body against a pillar as well as in The Black Willow's Tears where she encased Bloom(minus her head/neck) in a sheet of ice against the cave wall. Icy has shown that she has indirect control over water as well, first demonstrated in "The Witches' Downfall" where she forms a giant water hand to drag Bloom into the lake and in Season 5 where she is capable of producing water puddles to communicate with Tritannus.

Her glacial magic is so powerful that she is more than capable of holding her own against Bloom in a one-on-one fight, a truly remarkable feat, since Bloom is the most powerful Winx and one of the most powerful creatures in the Magic Dimension. Icy is even able to freeze Bloom's fire attacks. For instance, in Season 1's final episode she fought fiercely against Bloom in a long battle and it took Bloom's full power to free herself from Icy's trap and defeat her. With the Gloomix Icy was easily capable to beat Bloom throughout Season 2 and as the series went one she has proven to be a formidable opponent especially for Bloom.

Icy changing her hair type and color.

When Icy became the Snow Queen, she became even more powerful as she was capable of raising massive pillars of ice capable of trapping an enemy, levitate/throw icicles and create vortexes of snow. Icy can decrease the temperature of the surrounding environment to the point of causing an eternal winter as seen in "The Curse of Fearwood" where she flew over Fearwood and the surrounding forest covering them in ice as well as causing snowfall. Icy was capable of putting curses on a being causing their heart to freeze as well as their body.

Like many magic creatures she can shoot energy beams from her hands, hers resembling a vortex of snow flakes. In one instance. Icy was able to create an ice clone version of herself. Icy herself is unaffected by cold temperatures including that of the Omega Dimension. Her immunity to ice is a unique feat. Not even Valtor was immune to the temperature of the Omega Dimension, but Icy was easily able to free herself, Darcy, Stormy and Valtor from their ice prisons. Icy is also able to deflect other ice attacks easily, as she proved when she deflected the ice snake's attack to help Valtor break the portal of the Omega Dimension. Icy, like Darcy and Stormy, has Dark Sirenix powers that originate from Daphne's Sirenix, which give her the ability to control the Beast of the Depths, which she used to attack the Winx on the first episode of season 6. Icy has shown basic, first-level spells that all witches can use, such as telekinesis, transmuting objects, fixing minor messes, and flight. She has also displayed spells that allow her to open portals, phase through walls, and converge her power with her sisters.

Uses of Magic

  • Sleeping Spell - Icy shoots a bright light-blue beam on the Winx and Daphne's orders of dumplings to enchant them with this sleeping spell. After they ingest, it they fall asleep on the table (used in Season 6 Episode 9).
  • Elevat onum inibat encat serenum inya risabat Alfea devastat inamine etpieto.” - Used with Darcy and Stormy in “Friends in Need” to summon a minotaur.


  • Icy's polar opposite is Bloom:
    • Elementally: Icy has ice related powers and Bloom has fire related powers.
    • Personality: Icy is cruel and mean while Bloom is compassionate and friendly.
  • A possible inspiration for Icy might be Draco Malfoy from the Harry Potter series.
    • Both Icy and Draco have sharp and pointed features and very pale hair.
    • Both are, respectively, Bloom's and Harry's nemeses in school.
      • A possible inspiration for the Trix themselves might have been Draco's aunt, the Death Eater Bellatrix Lestrange, who was as cruel, pitiless and sadistic as the Trix and was fanatically devoted to Lord Voldemort, who killed Harry's parents, similarly to how the Trix worked for and wanted the approval of Valtor, who had a role to play in the disappearance of Bloom's parents.
        • In the Harry Potter movie adaptations, Bellatrix appears to wear similar Gothic-styled clothes as the Trix. However it is unknown if the appearance of the Trix had any influence on her appearance or not.
  • In the 4Kids dub:
    • In a promo, it is said that Icy's power source is dead planets.
    • She would often call the fairies "pixies" but, after the introduction of the Pixies in Season 2, she started calling them "twerps," "geeks," and "losers" instead.
    • In this version's episode of "Pixie Village", Icy broke the fourth wall when she said "Hey, people love my eyeshadow!"
    • Her voice actress, Lisa Ortiz also voiced Mitzi, Musa and Digit.
  • The only time Icy lets her hair down is when she is disguised in "Party Crasher".
  • When Icy was a child, her favorite food was ice cream.
  • Icy's Nickelodeon voice actress, Larisa Oleynik, also voices Faragonda and Marion.
  • In "Magical Adventure", Icy's eye make-up was changed.
  • Icy is currently tied with Darcy over how many romantic relationships she has been in; each of them having one after Icy dated Tritannus in Season 5.
    • Additionally, Icy was also interested in Valtor back in Season 3. It should be noted that both Valtor and Tritannus could turn into monsters, but her reaction to each one was radically different. When she first saw Valtor as a monster, she was repulsed and lost interest, however, upon seeing Tritannus as a monster, she was impressed with and fell for him even more.
    • Adding to what transpires in the comic series, it is heavily implied that Icy would have developed a more serious relationship with Darko in Issue 28, were it not for Mazakis trying to get rid of her to further his plans to have Darko marry a princess.
  • Icy is the only member of the Trix who does not have a spoken Amplified Form spell.
  • Icy has the same power source as Belladonna, Aurora, Alice and Astrid (comics).
  • During "The Mystery of the Abyss" movie, Icy is called "little sister" by Darcy, which either could mean that Darcy's older than her or it was just something to tease Icy.
  • Erica Schroeder (DuArt) also voices Faragonda, Piff, Critty and Squonk in the DuArt dub. For World of Winx, she voices Sophie and Lorelei.
  • Icy currently holds the most comic-exclusive spells within the Trix with eight.
  • Icy currently has the most known Dark Witch spells.
  • Icy is an excellent dancer.
  • After season 8 reconnected Icy's backstory, she is the first known witch to be royal or princess in the series all other princesses are fairies.
    • She is the only Trix to have a sister.
  • Icy shares with the Snow Queen of the character and shared and based on Hans Christian Andersen's The Snow Queen.