An arena packed with beauty queens... I'm scared to go in there.
Breath of Nature
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The Infinity Swan is the Keeper of the Ultimate Power of the Fairy Animals.


He is a giant white swan with purple-tipped wings, purple feet, an orange beak, and eyes. He wears a gold crown with purple and green jewels and gold, purple jewel-studded collar with a green center jewel. Blue jewel strands outreach from the collar. He wears purple beads and has purple diamond shapes on his body.


He is very serious and wise. He is frightening when talking to those who disrespect nature, but he also seems kind to those who respect nature.


Season 7

All of the Winx Fairy Animals, Shiny, Critty, Flitter, Squonk, Amarok, and Elas, used the Ultimate Spell and formed the Infinity Swan. Sadly, after they used it, they will not be able to see the Winx and vise versa ever again.

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